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the water table

I know I promised a post about our trip to Vegas but I totally forgot yesterday. So I will do that tomorrow. Promise!

This weekend when Andy and I were on our way home we stopped at Target for some things we needed and found a water table on sale there. Rory has played with one at her friend, Emma’s, house so I knew she’d love it.

I was right. Its seriously the best $30 I have spent on a toy!

She has played with it every day since getting it and thinks its just the best thing. She loves to take the little water tower apart and put it back together … because she is a little engineer like her daddy. And she loves to poor water out of it all over the place, of course!

She discovered she could put the monkey “to bed” in the leaf thing and swing him and she does this over and over and over now. She was so hilarious doing that.

And, naturally, my little climber had to get IN the water table.

As for Ryder, she’s just a mess these days.

You know that moment when the baby starts getting into everything and makes gigantic messes everywhere and you realize its only just begun? Well I’ve had that moment.

But I’ve also had that moment of “OH HOLY CRAP I HAVE TWO GIGANTIC MESS MAKERS IN A ROW” and there might have been a nervous breakdown involved.

I mean, I’m going to have to go through the terrible two’s TWO years in a row! Somebody call the medic!

Anyways. Back to the little tornado named Ryder.

I always bring a blanket to sit her on outside. And she’s very rarely ever on it. She’s a scootin’ fool, y’all!

Rory shared some of her toys and it was the sweetest thing. She usually says something like, “Wook Wyyyydur! Want it have a turn toys now?”, which is translated to, “Look Ryder! Want to have a turn with the toys now?”. Precious. Those little moments are what keep me going strong around here.

Ryder is pretty fond of making funny faces. Her best ones are the stink-eye and the scrunchie nose.


Scrunchie Nose



And she also likes to say, “talk to the hand”.

Or is that a presidential wave?

Ok, I must go. Rory just ran in with an empty box of Kleenex and its brand new. She says Ryder did it, but thats quite interesting since it was up on the table?


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2 thoughts on “the water table

  1. Stink eye is definitely her great grandmother look and the scronchie is her cousin Patrick. two precious girls!!! Boy that is the greatest toy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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