Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

the streak


Yes, they call her the streak.

boogity, boogity

She likes to show off her physique.

boogity, boogity

oh yes they call her the streak!

I know you all (minus my immediate family probably) are wondering where I came up with these lovely lyrics.

Be prepared to see the most awesome music video… ever.

Now I would like to introduce y’all to a new segment called:

Stinker Update.

I have two for you today.

Stinker Update #1: Yesterday I left her playing in her room for a second (literally 30 seconds probably) and came back into her room to find her ON TOP OF HER CHANGING TABLE. ON TOP! She had climbed herself up there and was so proud and thought it was so hilarious. I, on the other hand, about died from a heart attack. For real.

Stinker Update #2: Today Rory was playing and as usual ended up by the fireplace. And as usual she started to try and climb it. I said to her, “no no Rory I am going to spank.” She nods her head one deliberate time and says “yeeeeeeeaaaappp”. (translation: a very exaggerated yep)

What am I going to do with this child?


One last thing- TOMORROW is the big day! Did you vote on what you think we are having yet?! There is a poll on the top right of the blog! Can’t wait to let you all know about it and share the ultrasound pics!

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4 thoughts on “the streak

  1. Um hello! Any decent person knows who Ray Stevens is! Are you kidding me?! We grew up listening to his songs! Haha! That little stinker is going to give you a run for your money for sure! She’s just like her momma!

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