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the social media.

I have been running late ALL DAY. I woke up late (meaning 6:15) and the rest of the day I was late to EVERYTHING.

Therefore, I am also running a little late on today’s challenge post.

Today’s prompt is all about social media.

And let me tell you, I love me some social media. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

I love twitter and really need to get better about being on that more. I have a seriously guilty pleasure of keeping up with celebrity gossip (oh how I love people.com!) and I love that I can follow some of my favorite celebs on there. (i.e. the Kardashian family, Britney, Jeff Probst- ha!) I also love following other bloggers on there too and connecting that way.

I have Facebook and sadly am totally addicted, but its just for personal use. If I didn’t have it on my phone I’d never check it, but unfortunately I do have it on there so I’m on too much. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I do absolutely love that it keeps me in touch with people I don’t get to see often anymore.

I also have a Pinterest account and OH SWEET MERCY I love it with all my little heart. Do I actually read most pins or do any of them? No. Not really. BUT! I am going to once we get moved in order to get organized.

Lately I have been getting on there just for the ecard thingamajigs.

Because, y’all, those things are so hilarious and make my life complete.

In fact, I’ve become so tickled with them that I tend to save them on my phone and then text the pictures to people they may apply to. And that, my friends, makes my life even more complete. I will send the text and then giggle until they reply.

Here are some favorites- hope they give you a laugh like they did me!

Now tell me you didn’t giggle a little bit just now….


Other sites I check daily besides Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are Woot, People, and of course, other blogs I love to stalk. I have those listed on the right but I have more that I keep up with than just those… I need to go in and update it sometime soon.

Hope to see your hilarious posts on Pinterest! I will be looking for the best pinned ecard thing and will give an award! ha!

Can you tell I’m easily amused? That’s what having kids will do to you!


I just realized I forgot to link to my FAVORITE social media “site” (or whatever it is?)- INSTAGRAM. Seriously, I would give up all the others for Instagram. I guess its because I put so many pictures of my girls on there and I love following my friends, other bloggers, and sadly celebrities on there to see their pictures. My username is @tmcharris.

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9 thoughts on “the social media.

  1. I was about to get REALLY upset until I saw that my name WAS listed above on your blog roll. I would have drove over and kicked your tail… tonight! BTW- those are seriously like some of my fave ecards and I did giggle. Clinton said WHAT are you laughing at! Ha! I knew we were friends for a reason!

    OH! And I came up with the BEST prank to get you back with! Now I just have to figure out how to do it! Beware, my friend.

  2. Just hopped over from Jennas Journey. I just done a post on ecards over the weekend, they’re so funny!! Cute blog, love the pictures at the top.


  3. I am proud AND embarrased at the same time to admit that I’m addicted to the ecard thingamajigs on Pinterest, too! GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Where have they been all my life?

    And yes, Instagram was sent to earth from God! I love it!

    Stopping by from Jenna’s challenge! Love your blog!

  4. I love those someecards! Or is it some e-cards? I don’t really know, but they seriously crack me up!

    Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge!!

  5. Hmmm.. am I going to have to prompt you everyday for your post?? Are you so nervous/ giddy for girls night, you can’t sit down and blog? I NEED to know what your hobbies are…

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog! i love this post so much! those ecards are super hilarious! i laugh so hard and my husband usually looks as me like i’m a freak. i look forward to reading more of your blog!

  7. Haha…i love those ecards…my fav one ever is the “wow that guy in skinny jeans….” i laugh all the time bc i think skinny jeans on men are sooooooo weiiirrrddd!!! Anyways, just stopping by the comment challenge to say hello!

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