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the scoop on Ryder

After Ryder’s well baby checkup this week we realized that things were going down hill with her eating and she was sleeping so much more. On Wednesday and Thursday she had only 10-12 ounces the entire day. So I called the cardiologist and she called me back and said to bring her in on Friday (yesterday) instead because she did not want to wait until Tuesday.

They did an EKG, ultrasound, and oxygen test when we got there. Everything looked the same, which means the medicines weren’t working. As soon as the cardiologist came in to see us we decided within about a minute to go ahead with the surgery. Its really our only option at this point.

So they admitted Ryder into Medical City Children’s Hopsital in Dallas yesterday so that she can be on a feeding tube and rest until her surgery that is schedule for next Thursday (Sept. 15th). They will go in and fix the valve and close the holes.

While we are so sad that she has to have open heart surgery, we are also so happy that she will finally feel good and be able to thrive.

Ryder is such a sweet baby. She has taken all of this very well and is already feeling better with the feeding tube in. She drank more in the first 12 hours we were here than she had all week. She is already able to tolerate a little more food which is wonderful news.

We cannot say how thankful we are to everyone who has told us they are praying for us. Yesterday was such a hard day but knowing that so many people were praying kept me from getting negative.

As far as specific prayer requests, we are praying Ryder continues to eat well and gets very strong before surgery. Also, I will be here in Dallas and its been the hardest thing knowing I won’t be home for at least two weeks to be with Rory. I am already aching inside from missing her. I know she will be well taken care of, but I miss those early morning snuggles and all her funny antics. What I wouldn’t do to find her climbing on something right now! ha!

Ryder is such a sweet baby and has continued to smile right on through all of the poking and prodding.

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10 thoughts on “the scoop on Ryder

  1. Praying for sweet Ryder and for mommy and daddy!!! It is so hard to watch your sweet baby go through all this but you know it’s for the best and that’s what keeps you going. She is so happy and so cute!!! If you need me for anything just e-mail, text or facebook. Praying!!!!

  2. I am used to seeing my baby boys with iv’s in their little heads but not that tube in her little nose. Oh it makes me want to sneeze, but I am so happy she is still smiling. What a precious baby girl!

  3. Precious little girl! I continue to pray that God will heal her in a big way! And we will give Him all the Praise and Glory! We worship a wonderful God!

  4. Praying for your sweet girl. My daughter had open-heart surgery with Dr. Mendeloff at Medical City of Dallas when she was 5 months old in 2007. He is awesome!

  5. My son has the same issue as Ryder – he is 7 now and is perfectly healthy! I know it’s so hard to watch your baby go through all of this – please know that you have lots of God’s warriors praying for you. I just read your story and my preschool class will be making hearts for your precious girl tomorrow and Thursday to lift her up in prayer and thanksgiving for the grace and glory only He can do – and WILL do – for her. May His peace be with you and surround you. Many hugs from Arizona((())).

    xoxo Heather, Ben, Grace and Mike

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