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the Monday post

Well today starts my “outage widow” week #1 of the year. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a thousand times but I HATE when Andy has outages. He’s up there for long hours and so tired that he just crashes when he gets home. It isn’t fun for anyone in our house.

We had a wonderful weekend and I was so sad to see today come. On Friday we headed to Dallas to get a new mattress!

Y’all. This is embarrassing but its our first new mattress since we’ve been married and the mattress we had before had been handed down to us from someone who had gotten it as a hand-me-down as well. So it was TIME.

And OH MY WORD is it amazing. We slept so hard the first night that Rory got right on up in the bed with us without us even knowing… along with a couple of stuffed animals and her blankie. HA!

I mean, she did help pick out the mattress so I don’t know why I expected her to stay out of it when it got home!

(why is that picture so small??)

We also ate at the ChickFilA and who doesn’t love that?

On Saturday we spent time at the house and we all took huge naps (again, as soon as we hit the mattress we were out!). Saturday night was parents’ night out at our church and we have been counting down the days to it! Of course, not a single movie was showing during the time (all started before or too late) so we were totally bummed about that but we went to eat and rented a movie and had the best time getting to be at home without kids.

Sunday we all went to church and were so glad to be back after two weeks out with sicknesses. The girls wore matching outfits and looked so dang cute!

Today we got invited to a playdate at Kayla‘s house. Rory and Ryder had the best time playing with their friends and I had the best time getting to socialize with my friends!

PS: I owe Kayla approximately 6 oranges and apples, a lime, and a potato since Rory felt the need to eat all of the above RAW and unpeeled (but honestly is anyone surprised by this?!); plus cleaning for her carpet and pillows that my children spilled and spit up on. Sorry!

I stole these pictures from Kayla as well. So I owe her a lot.

Rory looks like she’s about to get into serious trouble in this next one…

Ryder played with her friend Daxton.

And oh my word, is she taking a toy from him?! Already?! She’s too young for this!

I totally am going to have another stinker on my hands with her.

So we got home and I thought Rory would immediately crash because thats what she ALWAYS does after playdates.

Nope. That heifer WOULD NOT go to sleep and then all of a sudden I went into her room and she’s passed out in her bed. Problem is it was after 3 so I’m pretty sure she’s going to be up late tonight and I’m totally going to regret letting her nap at all today. Dang.

And that sweet Ryder fell asleep playing on the floor today. I put her in the crib and she’s been asleep for 3 hours.

Dear Lord, let my children sleep tonight even if their days were messed up. Amen.



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5 thoughts on “the Monday post

  1. You don’t owe me a thing, girl! I enjoyed it! Rory totally cracks me up, and I can’t get over how sticking sweet Ryder is!
    Btw- Em went down around 2, and is still out 3 hours later, so it’ll probably be a late night here, too! :/

  2. How wonderful to have good friends with children around the same age. The girls are precious. I look sor forward to seeing them.

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