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the mom shower.

Someone dropped by today and I hadn’t had a shower yet and I was so embarrassed by how gross I looked. I mean, I hadn’t even looked at myself in the mirror all day and so I am pretty sure it was awful.

Good thing she’s a good friend so I got over it quickly. ha!

But the truth is. I don’t shower everyday. Do I want to? Absolutely! But there are some days where if the stars align and the kids’ naps are somewhat at the same time I have to choose between the following a) cleaning b) resting myself c) shower or d) blogging. And we all know that most of the time I choose to blog (you’re welcome but don’t smell me or my house! ha!). Its my hobby, my sanity saver.

Showering during naps is tricky too. If Rory wakes up she could get into so much without me knowing. And if Ryder wakes up crying really loud when Rory is sleeping it could be disastrous on many levels.


Enter “the mom shower”.

I have to set everything up perfectly to take a shower.

I set Rory up with Sesame Street or Tangled because it is THE ONLY thing she would ever sit and watch long enough without getting into trouble. I give her a drink, a snack, and the movie. With Ryder, I either put her in her bouncy or swing and pray she cooperates. (Well that was what I did until Ryder came into the bathroom carrying her because she got her out of seat.) Now I put her in her crib and let her play and put herself to sleep in the afternoon. Thats my only window to shower.

Is that not insane? I get a tiny window some days to shower.

And lets be honest. The mom shower isn’t a shower like other people take. Its goes like this: jump in after checking that everyone is still cooperating, soap up hair, peep out to check on everyone, rinse hair, peep out, soap up, peep out, rinse off, and exit. I mean, showers are 5 minutes around here.

But can I tell you how many times I’ve had to exit the shower mid-hair wash? I mean its crazy how many times I’ve had to question whether or not I even washed my hair.

Anyone else out there relate to this? Am I the only one with insane kids that can’t be trusted during showers?

Doesn’t Rory look so cute watching Sesame Street while I got ready today? Doesn’t she look SO BIG?!

She loves to dance and copy what they are doing on the show too. So cute. So big. And I’m so sad.

and then she dances and sings.

Just in case you are wondering, I did get a mom shower today and did wash my hair. I think.

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14 thoughts on “the mom shower.

  1. Same here. My boys are a little more cooperative though. I can generally leave Will watching a cartoon while Thomas takes his morning nap and not worry about them. But sometimes they’re both awake and I just make sure that the dog food is out of the floor so Thomas won’t eat it. Of course, all this could be solved if I just woke up before my boys do (now that they sleep all night.) Before they slept all night – I think I just went stinky for 9 months 🙂

  2. I am laughing so hard cause you just described me! One leg shaved? Sometimes that’s just how it’s got to be. Ha! About a month ago one of Matt’s friends cane to Jax from Oakland TN to bring Matt some boodan (spelling??) from Louisiana, well Matt wasn’t home, he was hunting of course, and I was on day 2 1/2, ok maybe 3, with no shower. So I refused to open the door until after poor John had left it on the door step and left. I felt really bad that I didn’t let him meet Reed, but vanity got the best of me. And dang it if Matt wanted his friends to meet Baby #2 he should get out of the duck blind long enough for me to shower! This comment ended up sounding incredibly redneck, but it is what it is 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, are you telling me of what’s in store for me this summer! Ahh, I’d be happy to be able to take a shower, we only have a stinkin’ bathtub so most of my hair washing happens in the kitchen sink. The crib or highchair are the only 2 spots where G is able to be contained for me to do anything like that during the day. Her naptime consists of me doing school work, housework, or resting so I know just how you feel. Going to convert the new crib to a toddler bed soon, hopefully she doesn’t destroy her room by morning :).

  4. That’s why I am an insomniac! I shower after everyone has gone to bed. Usually after 11 pm. AND that’s why my hair is always in a ponytail. Who has the energy to blow-dry your hair at midnight. Not me.

  5. I remember those days! But it will be over with before you know it and they’ll be embarassed for you to see them shower! 🙁 There’s plenty of time in the future to be clean and have shaved legs!

  6. Oh how I can relate to this. Try adding one more child to the mix. I haven’t showered today…heck, I haven’t even gotten out of my pj’s. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I just hope to get a shower ever other day.

  7. I usually got up before Steve so he could watch kids for 5 minutes if they awake(which he remembers none of this) or I did the peek a boo thing too. I promise it gets better and then when you get to my age and don’t take a shower til noon just because you don’t have to!

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