Ryder Amelia

the many faces of Ryder

Rory is at school and Ryder and I have been playing this morning.

She was totally cracking me up, so I got my camera out of course.


This kid is something else. She is a total ham. I always thought Rory was until Ryder came along. The kid sees my phone or the camera and immediately goes into cheese mode.

It is hilarious.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the many faces of Ryder.

the “shut up! you’ve got to be kidding!” face (talking to Elmo, of course)

the “hey mommy” smirk

the giggle

the “gotcha” face.

Note: She has this face on when she pulls Rory’s hair.

the “I’m so thrilled with myself” face

the faker

the distracted faker

the evil laugh

the “I’m ignoring you but will pretend you are funny” face

the innocent face

Note: This is also the face she has when she is pulling sister’s hair.

the serious reader

Now I’m going to have to stop there to tell y’all that I’m a bit worried about Ryder’s eyesight…

haha! This is exactly how she “reads” her books every single time.

The End.

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5 thoughts on “the many faces of Ryder

  1. Tiffany, Ryder is a little doll. I enjoyed these pictures so much. What neat expressions she has. You might say that she really gets into Elmo.

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