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The Magic Room

I recently had the privilege to read The Magic Room: A Story About The Love We Wish For Our Daughters by Jeffrey Zaslow for the BlogHer Book Club.

And when I say that I had the privilege to read it, I mean it.

It was such a beautiful book that grasped my attention from the first page and kept it until the last page.

The Magic Room is a book about a real-life bridal boutique, Becker’s Bridal. The book captures the small town of Fowler, MI and the impact that Becker’s has on it. Zaslow tells the story of Becker’s beautifully. The Magic Room is a real place inside of Becker’s that is wall to wall mirrors with the perfect lighting. Every bride looks stunning in that room.

He tells the story of the brides who come into Becker’s beautifully as well. He tells the real-life stories of several brides and their journey to the Magic Room in Becker’s. Each story is wonderful, all with some heartaches and pain. You will cry and smile as you read the journey each family takes.

I loved that even though the book talked about the harsh statistics of failed marriages, it still clung to the hope and realization that marriage can and was meant to be a wonderful, lifelong thing. The book was positive about marriages even though the world has turned marriage into a game and even a joke at times.

Having two daughters myself, I got so teary eyed at times thinking about going dress shopping with them. I wonder if spunky, sometimes very tomboy-ish Rory will want something girlie or simple. I picture her laughing and cutting up the entire time we are there. And then I think of Ryder. I think of telling her heart story to the saleswomen. I think of how her scar looks now and wonder if we will even see it when she tries on her wedding dress- more than likely you will have to search very hard to see it or you won’t be able to see it at all.

I absolutely loved reading this book. It made me want to plan a vow renewal ceremony for Andy and I just so that I could do the whole “find the right dress” thing again.

Fun Fact: When I found THE DRESS, I was with my sister, Tasha, and I was just trying on “for fun”. We both knew it was the one immediately and my mom came the next day to see it. I loved that dress and wouldn’t change it for anything.

What was your dress shopping experience like? I’d love to hear your stories!

Go get a copy of The Magic Room- you won’t be disappointed!

*I was compensated for this review by BlogHer, but as always, the opinions are my own.*



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