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the long goodbye.

Once we told everyone we were moving, it seemed like every day I was wondering if I’d ever see that person again. Or if that’d be the last time we did that particular thing. After a month of doing that, it seemed like we were saying goodbye for ages already and I was so emotionally exhausted.

It has taken me so long to write this post because I just haven’t wanted to “go there” in my mind and write it out. To write it is to feel it for me, and I just don’t want to feel it anymore.

But, I’ve waited long enough, so I thought today would be the lucky day.

Before I left I made sure to see my friends as much as I could and I loved that. We had play dates and girls’ nights and had a blast.

And I’m pretty sure thats made it even harder to be shocked into the reality of being without my friends in Paris because I’ve realized how wonderful they were even more so now that I’m away. I seriously feel like I waited a lifetime for those friends. I have friends from TN, MS, LA, etc, that I am still close with, but we’ve been away from each other for forever and haven’t all been in the same stage of life most of the time. So I finally found friends in the exact stage of life who were moms who want the best for their children and also are constantly on the brink of losing it because of the kids like me. I discovered how wonderful and precious that is and how much it means to have people in the same stage as you are in life that you can cry to and have a good laugh with.

And oh how we have laughed and cried together this year!

This week I have ached from missing the play dates, coffee dates, swim parties, late night WalMart runs, and dinners out that were always on a whim.

So, playdate on Friday in TN???!!! I’m giving y’all enough notice to pack and drive up tomorrow! HA!

-4th of July with friends-

The Welch’s

The Offutts

– last playdate-

from left: Bubba, Emma, Peyton, Haydon, Ace, Rory, Annalise, Ryder

Kayla, me, Cassidy, Misty

Know that I miss all of you so much and can’t wait to see you when we come back in August!

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2 thoughts on “the long goodbye.

  1. Moving sucks…I guess that’s all we’ve ever known though. Now I know that I wouldn’t trade our experiences for the world although moving was hard every time we did it…esp my move to AR….thankfully there are ppl your age going through the same “walks of life” in every state, every city, or every country town… You’ll find soon enough in Savannah that you aren’t alone in the drama of life. 🙂

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