the little weekend getaway

This past weekend Andy’s parents came in town and we took the opportunity to get away. We realized we hadn’t had a weekend away since last November! Crazy!

We couldn’t decide where to go at first, but knew we needed to be close since we were only going overnight. We have been to Gatlinburg so much lately and Knoxville seemed too close for a getaway, so we decided on Atlanta. I swear, every time I go to Atlanta I forget how much I love it. You hear so many negative things about it I feel, but seriously it is such a fun city and has everything you can want or need.

We were clearly sad to be leaving our children...
We were clearly sad to be leaving our children…

We left Saturday morning and went straight to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Andy’s mom gave Andy a gift card for his birthday so the first meal was free for us, bonus! We hadn’t been to CF before and were pleasantly surprised! We walked around the mall for a bit and enjoyed getting to browse without yelling, “Don’t touch that!” one million trillion times.


Andy’s birthday was last week and he had two requests for his birthday – 1) do an Escape Room and 2) eat at an all-you-can-eat-meat place.

So off we went to Mission: Escape Atlanta. We bought it online and reserved a time. There were 10 people in our group…. to be honest I was really nervous about this. I thought I would have no clue (literally) about how to escape and solve the clues. My plan was to rely on Andy’s engineer brain and just follow him around.

Turns out, I freaking loved it! I think staying in the background and observing and then using common sense is the key to success. They said the room had a 20% success rate so I was pretty proud our group got out! It was so much fun!


The escape room was across from IKEA so, OBVI, we went there afterward. And obvi I couldn’t find what I wanted. Boo. Honestly, we were so tired from walking around all day that IKEA was kind of a nightmare idea that day- there were so many people there and it just wasn’t as enjoyable as it usually is. Oh well!

We got on Hotwire and booked a downtown hotel and ended up with the Hyatt. We spent $100 and got a top floor room with a view for an extra $10. Best $10 I have ever spent!

the glowy thing on the left is the elevator…. they are fast and amazing and scary.



IMG_5135We took a nap at 5:00pm because we are rebels and had no children to worry about!

Then we headed to Andy’s birthday dinner at Chama Guacha. He enjoyed it very much and I enjoyed eating dinner alone with my husband with no one complaining about their food or asking how many more bites they had left before ever touching their plate.

IMG_5053IMG_5059After dinner we rolled our stuffed selves next door to a fancy schmancy movie theatre with comfy recliner seats and a full restaurant. Because we didn’t have to share, we obviously got some dessert. I got a milkshake and, y’all, best milkshake of my life. We watched The Gift and I spent the majority of the movie covering my eyes because I hate anything remotely scary.

We then rolled ourselves back to the hotel and crashed so hard it wasn’t even funny. We slept until almost 10 and IT WAS GLORIOUS.

On our way home we stopped at the Calhoun Outlet Mall and without realizing it I tried on 230923 items of clothing that all looked like this:

IMG_5092That is when it hit me that we are finally in my favorite season- FOOTBALL SEASON.

Oh, State. Don’t you see how committed to you I am? Can you please try not to break my heart so bad this year? Can we please keep our dignity and at least beat Ole Miss this year?! Either way, I will be decked out in Maroon and White for the next six months constantly. Thank goodness Maroon is my color. 😉

So, basically we had the best time ever this weekend. Oh how we needed a getaway.

And in case you were worried about the kids….. they cried for a solid hour because they thought they were having “babysitters” for TWO nights instead of one.

Basically, they missed us none.

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