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the haircut.

I’ve been wanting to get Rory’s hair cut for a while- it has been so crazy and unmanageable for forever. Her first haircut was with my sister, Telena, but after her wreck she hasn’t been able to do it. My friend, Maggie, cuts my hair and I was wanting her to cut it but just haven’t been able to work it out. So this weekend I was talking to Telena about it and she told me to just do it myself…. I was pretty skeptical but she showed me what to do and so I decided, why not???

So tonight was the night! I gave Rory a hair cut!


(I told you it was crazy… and usually you can see the massive rat tail she had going on, ha!)


(aaaaaand…. she totally moved and it made me mess up HUGE and I had to start winging it from there… oops. Also, please disregard MY hair… it has been one of those stay-at-home-and-don’t-wash-it days.)


She approved! Haha!

I told her we were cutting her hair “like a princess” to make her not so nervous at the sight of the scissors, so naturally we had to dress up after like a princess!

I still have mixed feelings between loving it (because it NEEDED IT) and being so sad because she officially looks older. Wahhhh! Oh well, I think I did a pretty good job for a last minute thing. And if I see that it looks crazy tomorrow I will just go get it fixed! ha!

As for Ryder….

She’s still her crazy, mohawked, stinker-ish self!

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