Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

the great home and kindergarten search of 2015

Last week was one of those crazy busy weeks that involved so many big decisions it was hard to keep up with “normal” life things. Like laundry. Which I can attest to since Andy and I put up approximately 347 loads of laundry yesterday.

On Monday we embarked on The Great Home Search of 2015 with much anticipation and joy. We saw A LOT of homes the very first night.

I hated very single one.

Okay, maybe that isn’t true. There were two I liked alright, but I will say I was so discouraged that I thought for one second just maybe we should wait longer to buy a home.

And considering the lady/elephant that lives above me hasn’t slept in DAYS and stomps around AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT,  you must know just how discouraged I must have been to live like this any longer by choice.

(I am currently writing this at 4:46am because her alarm went off at 4:18 and she has been stomping around ever since. Hilarious note about the situation: Rory has taken it upon herself to yell randomly in the night when the situation gets out of hand…. it goes something like this, “HEY LADY GO TO BED ALREADY!” Not even kidding.)

(One more hilarious murderous note: One night this week I got the kids to bed earlyish and after went to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet – tmi – and sighed a huge sigh of satisfaction that the day was done and relished in my moment of quiet and aloneness in the bathroom for the first time the entire day. AND THEN NEIGHBOR LADY PROCEEDED TO TAKE THE MOST GIANT, LOUD DUMP OF LIFE and I thought…. I AM TRULY NEVER ALONE IN THE BATHROOM EVER. You’re welcome for that.)

Luckily we have the best realtor on earth and on Wednesday my spirits perked up 40000% after seeing a lot more homes that day.

In fact, Andy and I saw three that we were totally in love with and had finally narrowed it down to one semi fixer upper in a neighborhood we adore that is close to their work.

We had 3 more homes on Thursday to see but had no hopes of them measuring up to the ones we had seen the day before. But Andy had found a for sale by owner house online in our favorite neighborhood and really wanted to see it.

We all walked into the home with zero expectations and each room we walked into felt more like home than the last. Before we even made it upstairs I was in tears and saying, “Andy I think this is the one.”


The home is two stories/split level and has just the exact amount of room, character, and charm we wanted. It also has a kitchen that isn’t my favorite so I am looking forward to having one room in the house to redo eventually.

We are officially under contract and as long as everything with the home inspection, etc, goes smoothly we should be in our new home by summer.

As if finding a home wasn’t enough for one week, it was also the week of “Kindergarten Rocks” which is an open house at all elementary schools in the county. I’ve been hearing amazing things about one school that is near our new neighborhood and it has great scores so we went and checked it out. I was so impressed by the school and how well organized the open house was. Rory was GIDDY to be there checking out Kindergarten. So that night we officially registered her for Kindergarten and I immediately needed someone to hold me and rock gently as I sobbed.

I will say this though- Rory is ready. She be-bopped around the school with me and I was just in awe at how big she was. I can’t wait to see her thrive in school which, like her daddy, is HER THING. She is a learner and loves every second of learning a new thing.IMG_3864

I’m praying every single day that she makes wonderful friends who are kind to her and to others. I’m praying that she will always love on those who need it the most in her class. I’m praying that God will choose the exact teacher she needs to challenge her, encourage her to be herself, and reign her in when she needs to be without crushing her spirit.


Oh, Rory girl, I know you are so ready but Momma is wanting it to take a little longer for August to get here.

This week is spring break for the girls and we have lots of fun planned! Tomorrow I will post about our hiking trip this weekend – we are hoping spring is here to stay so we can go on these free adventures all the time!


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