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the good and the bad

We have had one of those crazy weeks again. Andy has been out of town and finally comes home today- hallelujah! Its been so hard without him here to help. I definitely am appreciating all he does more after not having him all week!

A couple of weeks ago I told y’all about Ryder having a heart murmur. Well on Tuesday we had the appointment with the cardiologist.

After doing another EKG that came back abnormal and doing an ultrasound, they found two holes and they found that her Pulmonary Valve isn’t opened as it should be and the walls/opening are getting thicker with time. One hole is in the right atrium and is very small, the other is in the left ventricle and is a medium sized hole.

So that you can understand a little better where everything is, here is a diagram of the heart.

So the GOOD news is… Ryder does NOT have colic after all! Praise the Lord! The reason she cries so much at night is because she is hungry. It takes her up to 3 hours to eat maybe 3 oz. We changed her bottle and that has helped so much, but not enough. She will drink an ounce and pass out on almost all of her feedings. Eating is just too much work for her and it poops her out. So by nightime she is starving and wants to eat nonstop for about 4-5 hours.

The other good news is that the multiple defects Ryder has are TOTALLY fixable. As I sat there talking about my precious baby’s heart, I couldn’t help but cry and grieve for my precious friend Rachel who lost her son from a heart defect just last year. I am so thankful that this can be fixed and she can live a normal life.

The bad news is that Ryder will have surgery next Thursday (Aug 18th) in Dallas. She is having a balloon catheter inserted into the valve to open it up.

We covet your prayers as everyone involved (our family, the surgeons, etc) prepare for the surgery. I remember how nervous I was about Rory getting tubes…. God was only preparing me for this! Its hard to think of your tiny 6 week old having surgery. BUT! I know everything will be fine and she will feel so much better afterward.

Little Miss is just so sweet. She smiles nonstop and adapts so easily to new people and scenery. I know she will do great during the surgery and I know she’ll charm all of her doctors and nurses!

Because let’s face it…. girlfriend is CUTE!

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8 thoughts on “the good and the bad

  1. Tiffany, Andy, Rory & Ryder,

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God is good and shining down his glory on that sweet baby! Please keep us inform of all of the progress next week, as I will be thinking of you guys!!!


  2. I am so, so sorry and so, so happy it’s all fixable. Listen, I have a friend who’s son was born last December. Within days of him being born he had to have his FIRST heart surgery. He had a second surgery about a month ago and has one more to go. They’re out of Louisville KY. If you’d ever like me to put you in touch with them, I’d be glad to. He’s a Cumberland Pres. pastor near Bowling Green now and an awesome person to chat with. We’ll be saying big prayers for all of you this coming week!

  3. Tiffany, Angie’s little 7 month old was diagnosed with a heart defect when he was about 3 weeks old. He was not gaining weight and one day when she had him in for a weight check the dr heard a murmur. They sent them to the cardiologist and he said griffin had a misplaced valve. Don’t understand all of it but he will probably have to have valve replacement surgery when he is in his 20’s but should be ok Til then. He is growing and doing well. I told your mom everyday when I pray for little Griffin’s heart, I will pray for your precious Ryder!!!

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