Rory Eve

the four-wheeler

Since we will be in Tennessee for Rory’s birthday on Sunday, Andy and I decided to give her big present to her early. So yesterday, when she woke up from her nap she was surprised with a new Barbie four-wheeler!

She was SO excited! She drove it around the circle of our living room/kitchen/playroom.

But we are having to work on the whole steering thing…

We got so tickled because her favorite part of the whole thing was being able to put her juice in the cup holder. ha!

Last night we had our Sunday School class over for the Super Bowl party (we really missed the Darst’s and the Riggs’ by the way!). We had the best time and Rory always loves playing with her bff Grady!

Well, they discovered the four-wheeler and got on together and there was no stopping them! The drove around and around and had the best time ever!

I thought it was so funny how Rory wanted to ride in the back. She did not want to drive at all which is so not like her! She just let Grady drive her around the whole time.

I’m pretty sure Grady felt like he was such a stud getting to drive his girl around… ha ha!

If these two ever ended up getting married, we’d have one heck of a slideshow! 😉


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