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the end of summer


Not only is this the last week of summer, but it is also our first week of Whole 30.

It is a bittersweet time.

And by bittersweet I definitely mean there is no sweet to it because that is forbidden for the next 30 days.


I do not want the summer to end. It has been the most fun ever. Me and my girls have become such a tight little trio. We have thoroughly enjoyed sleep this summer (all but one week of random sleep regression for Rory) – sleeping for EIGHT SOLID HOURS or more each night. Yesterday she even slept 8:30pm-9:30am. I never ever ever ever thought I would see the day! More days than not we have slept in until 7:30/8am! I mean! For rest time almost every day we would pile into my bed and watch 3-10 episodes of Good Luck Charlie or some other show together. (One of my biggest mom accomplishments will always be teaching them how to binge on netflix the summer of 2016.)

The past two weeks I’ve realized that it is getting to be time to go back to school because the girls have been fighting about every.single.thing. And then tattling.





At the beginning of the summer I would tell them during their few quarrels that they only had one sister and they needed to treat each other better YADA YADA YADA.

Now it goes something like this:

“Girls. I could care less. If you want to fight like trashy girls GO RIGHT AHEAD but I do not want to hear about it. And if you pick a fight and then get hurt SORRY FOR YA.”

I’m such a caring mother, yes?

But even with all the fighting I am still not wanting summer to be over yet.

Needless to say, I am freaking doomed come Friday and Monday when the girls go to school. DOOMED.

I’ve been crying over the dumbest things.

Andy is totally loving this phase in my life.

I know it has been a harder transition for me because I truly thought I would have another baby or at least be pregnant by the time I sent Ryder to Kindergarten. When we found out we were pregnant in January I was delighted at the perfect timing because the due date would have been Sept 3. But here I am, with an empty womb and soon-to-be empty house for most of the day. It really has been tough to keep myself together, to be honest.

The one thing I can say is that even in this time of sorrow for me this year I’ve learned to cherish time more. It has changed my parenting significantly. I used to be much more selfish and always “need” breaks from the girls. I used to complain more about how hard it was to have two so close together. I used to lose my cool at home way too often when things seemed out of control. I used to be on my phone all day and never put it down.

Now we snuggle so much more. I read more books at bedtime and go all out with the silly voices and dramatic tones. We color more together. We play more games. We dance all the time- even in public. I cook more meals for my family. I sing more songs. I watch endless “fashion shows” and “rockstar shows” and “gymnastic shows” and clap like they just won a gold medal.

I’m proud of the mom I have become. I’m proud that I’ve worked hard on my family and fought for the important things and time together. I’m proud that I’ve fought off bitterness this year- which hasn’t been an easy feat. God has 100% carried me through this and I’m so thankful He always loves me enough to send the right people and nudges in my life to do better.

The summer of 2016 has been so good to me. I hope the girls always remember it as an amazing summer too. I’m already planning our road trip for next summer and can’t wait.

For the rest of this week we will be by the pool, going for pedicures, and binging on the last season of Good Luck Charlie.

Hope you had as great of a summer as I did, friends.


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