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the catch up post.

Well. Apparently I took a break from the ole blogging gig.

But take heart!

I am back and better than ever! Or, I’m just back.

We had a delightful week last week and a one day break from blogging turned into two and then turned into a week. It wasn’t planned, just kinda happened.

Last week was Halloween and OH MY WORD my kids looked so cute all dressed up like little bumble bees! We went downtown Savannah with some friends from church and trick-or-treated there. Then Halloween night Andy’s parents came and took the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They had a blast and are still talking about it!

Ryder woke up on Thursday with the pink eye. We were already heading to a dietician appointment for her, so I just went to Jackson early and got her in to Physician’s Quality Care there (which is amazing).

The dietician appointment was a complete and total waste of time. It was just insane. The lady said she didn’t usually do babies and had no idea what to tell me. So back to square one and back to Vanderbilt we go to an allergist to test Ryder for the milk/milk protein/soy allergy again. What a mess.

This weekend Andy asked his parents to watch the girls so we could go on a date and then they offered to just keep the kids overnight. And once again, I am reminded how amazing it is to be close to family now. I never even imagined that being a possibility ever! We went to dinner and a movie and then came back home and unpacked the last of our boxes FINALLY and then slept like rocks. It was amazing.

So about those Stinkers of mine…

They have been SOOOO GOOD lately. The sleeping issue is MUCH better but I’m not going to talk about it because then it will be forever jinxed.

So because more sleep may or may not be happening (again, don’t want to jinx it), the days have been so much better as well. The girls are the best of friends and entertain each other all day. They love to play hide and seek, chase each other, have tea parties, and aggravate the living heck out of each other.

Today was the normal “touching” fiasco where neither one of them wants to be touched, so therefore both of them go about touching each other just to make the other crazy.

It is delightful.

Or not.

But kinda hilarious seeing as they are 1 and 2 and are already doing these things.

In other mundane news, potty training is about to kill me.

I don’t understand why there aren’t people out there that get a degree in the potty training and then rent out their services.

Because I would pay SERIOUS CASH for someone to come potty train for me.

If I had serious cash, that is.

It doesn’t help that Ryder is DETERMINED to cause drama in the bathroom.

She’s always touching Rory while she’s trying to potty. Or she’s trying to flush the toilet mid-potty session. Which REALLY MAKES RORY MAD. Or she’s reaching into the back of the toilet behind Rory’s booty to splash water on her.




Not a whole lot going on around here besides the regular stuff.

Right now life is really good. I’m not so tired, not so down in the trenches, not so lonely. It is a nice place to be.

Have a great week, and I promise to not take another break anytime soon if I can help it!

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3 thoughts on “the catch up post.

  1. Tiffany I was not a successful potting training momma…daycare/mom morning out ended up training both of mine. They have both turned out fine. Well I think they have! Lol!

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