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the car situation.

Well, we are in Tennessee. I promise I will blog about the move and saying goodbye to wonderful friends really soon and our fun 4th of July.

But for now I want to talk about our trip here to TN and how it was AWFUL.

First, the kids literally yelled and screamed the entire first 4 hours. It was terrible. TERRIBLE.

Andy and I had made a deal that I’d drive the first 4 hours with them in my car, then trade out and he’d drive my car with them the last 4 hours.

And OH SWEET MERCY I was so looking forward to that blissful silence with the satellite radio blasting and me thinking (in the confines of my car, of course) that I sounded EXACTLY like Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Whitney Houston, and the like. Don’t judge, you know you do the same thing.

Then it happened.

I started hearing this noise and I pulled over at our exit for the ChickFilA and got gas before heading to lunch. The noise was worse.

Have you ever just known for no explainable reason that something is going to be WAY WRONG? Like cost you a lot of money, wrong?

Well, that’s how I felt right there at the gas station.

So Andy transfers all of the essentials into the truck and transfers car seats, etc, so that we could go on the rest of the way and he would take the car to the shop. And then I realized that WE DIDN’T HAVE A DVD PLAYER and at that point I literally lost my mind. I started crying like a lunatic. It was amazing.

The last leg of the trip with the girls wasn’t too bad, thankfully!

Anyways, Andy took the car to the Volvo place and basically my car is now going to be scrap. The engine blew and its SO MUCH MONEY (like basically what we payed for the car) to get a new one. Dang foreign cars.

So here I am, moved-ish to Tennessee with no home and no car.

That’s about as homeless as you can get, folks.

And to top it all off, Andy has made the executive decision that I shall get a minivan. Which I should be happy about since it’ll be a car and all…


I will not look cute in a minivan. And I looked so cute in my Volvo SUV! Seriously! It was my dream car!

And I talked about it on the facebooks today and everyone said all kinds of negative things about the minivan situation (things I was already thinking in my head) and it confirmed the situation that NO ONE WILL EVER THINK I’M COOL AGAIN. EVER. EVER.

And I’m cool, y’all!


Okay, I think I’ve done enough complaining about first world problems now.

I’m so thankful we are safe and sound at my parents house.

And I’m thankful Andy is buying me a car.

Even if it is a dadgum stinkin’ minivan.

I will go sob just a little now.


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5 thoughts on “the car situation.

  1. Awwww! Don’t cry, you’ll get me started again. AND. I. TOLD. YOU. TO. STOP. IT!

    But I laughed. Sorry. Bahahaha. It totally sucks about your Volvo, but your reaction to minivan thing is TOO funny! Seriously though, just sign the girls up for soccer and join the ranks… here comes the SOCCER MOMS. J/K!

    Ok, seriously (really, this time) it won’t be so bad. Truly. I promise. And…
    I do solemnly swear to never make fun of your minivan. There. I said it.

  2. I am obviously not as nice as Kayla because I will TOTALLY make fun of you for driving a minivan 🙂 I’m kidding (mostly).

  3. You will totally love a minivan especially when you start picking up little friends,etc. Besides your a Davis girl and we look cool in anything!!!

  4. You can write a song, you know like the country song “I was country when country wasn’t cool>” You write this song “I made vans cool when vans weren’t cool!”

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