Rory Eve

the “bish”

I haven’t had a chance to write about the crazy day I had on Thursday until now. And its one of those days and stories that I can’t forget to write down so I can remember it forever.

Not that I could forget…

So let me tell you about Thursday. Rory was especially …… what’s the word??? ….. well here are a few : curious/fearless/stinkerish.

Lets start with the first incident. In the morning Rory did her usual playing between her room and the living room. I always know that when she goes into her room and things get really quiet that I should check on her.

So I call out, “Rory are you being good in there?”… to which I hear a hearty and very quick, “YES!”. So I get up and go towards the room and ask the same question and before I can finish asking she screams “YES!” at me again.

So obviously I knew then something was wrong.

I go into her room and find her on top of her changing table- there is a mound of wipes around her and she is COVERED in some sort of white substance which turned out to be pretty much an entire tube of diaper rash cream.

And when she sees me she says, “uh oh”, like it was some sort of huge accident.

I’m on to you kid.

I mean… this face doesn’t look stinker-ish does it?!


So are you ready for the mother of all stinker updates?!

I had taken a phone call from a friend of mine, Jodi, that I haven’t had a chance to talk to in quite a while. Well as soon as I get on the phone Rory starts playing in and out of her room. (I should have known better…)

All of a sudden I hear a loud *CRASH* and a big ole “UH OH!”. I say something like “oh crap I gotta go” and hang up. (Poor Jodi thought my water had broken! ha!)

You see, my friends, Rory had made herself a staircase out of her dresser drawers and climbed right on up to the top…

and threw her new beta fish along with aquarium onto the floor.

Oh. It gets much worse.

Rory had somehow managed to catch the fish. And when I walked in her natural reaction was to hide the evidence. And so my sweet Rory girl tried to hide the evidence, aka fish, IN HER MOUTH. That’s right, people. Rory tried to stuff the fish in her mouth.

And when I yelled at her to get the fish out of her mouth she THREW the fish as hard as she possible could across the room. As I am running to the opposite side of the room to save the fish, I turn to see Rory shoving all the teeny tiny aquarium rocks into her mouth at lightening speed.

So I’ve got the fish in one hand and with the other I’m scooping thousands of rocks out of Rory’s mouth.

She’s SCREAMING because she’s in trouble and so very mad that she can’t hold the “bish”.

It was quite the ordeal. Like for real.

And can someone please explain to me how that didn’t send me into labor?!!!!

So, the question is:

Who wants to come babysit?!

Anyone, anyone?!

P.S. The “bish” is actually still alive. Miracles happen, y’all.

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7 thoughts on “the “bish”

  1. Poor bish! At least she didn’t chew or swallow! And the diaper ointment is AWFUL to wipe off! She’s keeping you on your toes, that’s for sure! Stinker!

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