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the big girl

I know I’ve been whining about this for a couple of months but….

howwwwwwwwwwwww can Rory be almost TWO?! Only 16 days! My heart can’t take it!

But OH MY WORD is she so much fun right now! We have had the best week together. She’s been so sweet and helpful. I mean, she’s still stinkerish, but its getting easier.

She’s been sick this week with the same ol’ crud we’ve been passing around. Tuesday she had to miss school because she woke up with a 102 fever. We loaded up to go to the doctor and she thought we were going to school. Poor thing kept singing, “school ‘day, school ‘day”, and she was heart broken when I finally told her we weren’t going to school.

Thursday she was feeling much better so I sent her on to school. I put a bow in her hair and she said “ohhhhhhhhhhh I CUTE mommy! Take a pikure!” HELLO! MUSIC TO MY EARS! She was very particular about where she stood and everything.

Oh my mercy, is this not the sweetest picture of the sweetest face you have ever seen?!!!!!

These are her “two” fingers. She’s been saying “I two!” for about… I don’t know… 8 months! haha! We are working on the finger issues though. ha!

Today I decided that while Ryder took her morning nap, Rory and I would bake some chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

That’s right, folks, FROM SCRATCH. Impressed?!

Rory was ADORABLE in the apron my mom made me. Its made out of my Granddaddy’s coveralls and Grandmother’s dress. I’d give anything if they could see my girls. Ryder has my grandmother’s expressions down and Rory is so spunky and fun that I know my Granddaddy and her would have been the best of pals.

And y’all. Don’t go commenting on how I let my daughter eat the batter and how bad it is. We always ate the batter of everything growing up and never got sick, so I had to give her a little taste! She LOVED it!

The other big girl related thing we are working on is the whole potty thing. I’m not going 100% yet because of our trip coming up, but we are working on the concept and she’s doing great.

For a while I didn’t think she was ready physically or cognitively. Sure, she stripped neeeekked to potty no less than a thousand times a day, but I still didn’t think she was ready.

But this week she’s been waking up dry in the mornings and at naptime.

And then the Stinker in her came out one day this week too…

I had tried to get her to potty and was wrestling Ryder (who by the way is THE MOST WIGGLY BABY ON EARTH) but she “tried” and said she couldn’t go.

Then about ten minutes later, I walked past her room and had to do a double take because Stinker was crouched over her PLAYHOUSE potty tee-teeing all over the place trying to get it in there. Note: the playhouse is one of the Little People playhouses and the toilet is about the size of my thumb.

So. Yes. She gets it.

Today she’s peed in her diaper once so far, and we’ll see if she’s dry at nap. So far, she’s doing great! I’m going to go cold turkey and do panties only during her Spring Break in March since we will have the whole week at home.

Well, I’m off to go enjoy the last 16 days with two kids under two! Have a great weekend!

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