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The best part of waking up…

… is getting to see this smile EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Without fail, my sweet baby wakes up every single morning THAT happy. And even though I long for a day when she sleeps past 6 or so, its never hard to forget that feeling when I see that face as soon as I reach her crib.

I really do have the sweetest baby on earth. How did I get so blessed?! Yesterday she woke up happy but was seriously a grumpy pants all day long and it was very frustrating and exhausting. But if she was grumpy every day I’d still never trade her for anything in the world. Everyone is allowed a couple of grouchy days anyways, right?!

And this morning she more than made up for her day yesterday. Wouldn’t you agree?

Where’s Rory?!

There she is! Silly thing!

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4 thoughts on “The best part of waking up…

  1. LOVE it, Tiff!! She’s got a great smile! And for us, it never ended–Isaiah STILL wakes up this happy! He’s always bouncing and laughing and talking and smiling. I love going into get him in the mornings. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness, she is precious. She loves seeing her Mother as well, you can tell it in her eyes. Proud of you and the wonderful Mother that you are. And I can’t forget Andy he’s a wonderful Dad too. That is why she is such a happy baby girl!!

  3. I just wish I could kiss those sweet cheeks, I love you taking the time to post all these wonderful moments so we can share them!!!!!

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