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the best days

I’m so afraid to talk about this, because I’m afraid I will jinx it….

but y’all, I can’t keep it in anymore!

Ryder is eating SO GOOD and you can tell that she is feeling SO GOOD.

Honestly, I am in tears right now because of how wonderful its been.

Its so hard knowing that your child is struggling even for a minute, but we have been in this same feeding struggle for six months. We have had a few good days here and there, but its always been a struggle and it has killed me.

I am praying with everything in me that we have found the solution in this new formula. Thank you Jesus for this relief!

So Sister (Ryder’s officially nickname) has been such a fun, happy baby this week! She has played and done things she’s never done before. She rolled across the room yesterday and today sat FOR AN HOUR and played with her toys and books. She’s also sleeping and napping so much better. HALLELUJAH!

Ryder’s favorite toy is Rory though. These girls are melting my heart every two seconds right now. They have played so hard together this week and its blessing my soul to see it. Its wonderful to see that they are already becoming best friends (and funny that they’ve already had their first fights!).

Yesterday, Rory had school and she chose her own outfit. Why does she look so grown up? How can I already be having attitude issues? Ha!

She has discovered her pockets and its been the highlight of her life.

Ryder and I had a great time playing while she was gone- its so rare that I get to really play with Ryder and I loved it. She woke up from her nap so happy. This reminds me so much of Rory… she always woke up the same way.

When Rory got home it was playtime! Rory’s favorite thing is playing peek-a-boo with Ryder because she laughs SO HARD everytime.

And Ryder’s favorite thing to do is pull Rory’s hair! Ha!

When Ryder woke up from her afternoon nap, Rory ran as fast as she could to go play with her. Hello, melt my heart!

These are the best days, my friends. They really are.

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