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Thanksgiving/Disney 2010

This might be a long post, but it’ll be mostly pictures, so don’t worry!

I’d like to start off by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to the most wonderful mother in the entire world. I don’t know what I’d do without her, especially after this year and all she’s done to help us. I love you, Mom!

I have been sick. Like siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, sick for the past several weeks. My doctor gave me some medicine yesterday so hopefully that’ll help this morning/all-day sickness. I definitely am having a much harder time than I did when I was pregnant with Rory. Needless to say, I haven’t felt like blogging or taking pictures or doing ANYTHING but taking care of my baby girl and sleeping. I’m a little over 9 weeks so only a few more weeks until the first trimester is over- hope it changes!

I am going to just upload my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving and from our Disney trip and call it a day. Sorry, I have nothing creative coming out of me right now! ha!



Its A Small World…

Rory FREAKED OUT when she saw Mickey! She hugged and kissed him and just LOVED him!

Rory riding her first “roller coaster”- Snow White! She even put her hands up!

Rory’s favorite part (besides meeting Mickey) was the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. She loved every single second of it!

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving/Disney 2010

  1. Sorry to hear you have morning sickness. Ick! Every pregnancy is different as every child is different! Love the Disney pictures! I love Animal Kingdom, too!

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