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Thanksgiving Trip: The Final Post

Alright its time to finish this business up!

On Friday after Thanksgiving we made our way to the TN river where Andy’s parents live. We had a great time just relaxing and letting the kids play and get spoiled. Then on Saturday Andy’s grandmother and aunts came to see the girls! It was so great to see them since we never get to. Marsha brought her granddaughter, Adrianna (hope thats how you spell it- if not forgive me!), and her and Rory played together.

Aunt Marlene and Ryder

Aunt Marsha, Adrianna, and Ryder

group shot

Then on Saturday we headed back to Jackson to my parents’ for the McIntire Christmas. We aren’t going to be home for Christmas and neither is Tasha so we decided (last minute) to have it while we were all together at Thanksgiving.

the kids opened presents

Papa made the boys traps for their presents. They were a huge hit!

Mimi made Rory tutus and a wand. We play with them every day… she thinks she’s a fairy!

I got my mom Just Dance 3 for her present. And somehow I didn’t get a picture of her and my dad doing it on my camera. I got one shot of it on my phone and there may or may not be a video floating around youtube. You’ll have to ask Patrick about that though.

Everyone had such a blast playing.

Rory LOVED it and asked for it for Christmas too. (I LOVED it as well which is why I made Rory ask for it.)

And of course, we had to get a family picture.

Please note Clayton on the bottom left.

After all of that, Rory got her FIRST haircut!

I wasn’t sure how it would go at first…

But thanks to Telena’s awesome skills and to some singing, she warmed up!

We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait until we can all get together again. Christmas won’t be the same without going home but I am really excited about starting our new traditions here at our house and getting to spend a really long weekend together as a family at home.

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