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Thanksgiving Trip: Part 2

Oh my word. I’m seriously never going to be able to get through all these pictures. So, just warning you, there will be at least one more trip post. I could do it shorter, but it was such a wonderful time that I don’t want to leave anything out. We needed this time with our family so bad after everything with Ryder and I want to remember it.

The most important things about Thanksgiving in Mississippi are: photo ops, outdoors, food, and most of all, FOOTBALL.

My sister, Tasha, and her family came (Patrick, Landon, and Clayton). Clayton is two months older than Ryder. So, naturally, we had to do a little photo op with them!

Clayton is just a little chunky.

And Ryder is just a little squirt.

Here is Rory getting in on the cousin picture action:

Ryder met Uncle Pakert/Patrick for the first time.

Rory rode a tractor with Uncle James.

(and these totally made me tear up- reminds me of when I used to ride the tractor with my granddaddy. I miss him so much.)

Rory also did a lot of climbing.

First she climbed her Uncle Josh.

Then she climbed a tree all by herself.

And then Telena helped her climb some more.

Jacks scared all his great aunts and his Mimi with this dead lizard he found.

The youngest grandkids swung with Papa and Jacy.

We, of course, got a group picture. (Thanks to my nagging.)

And then, hallelujah, we ate.

and ate, and ate, and ate.


Rory sat at the big girl table. She was so proud.

And then it was time for football.

We play football every year on Thanksgiving day.

Its “tag” football, but somehow it seems to get a bit more rough than intended.

Everyone gets a chance to play, even the kids (this year Jacks and Landon).

And every year there is debate over fair teams, downs, out of bounds, etc. This year was no different. And for the record, our teams were WAY off this year.

My dad, the football star.

My sister, the goob.

And every year, someone ends up getting hurt.

This year it was Andy’s turn.

Well, that concludes the Mississippi Thanksgiving adventure. Tomorrow I will post about our time at the river with Andy’s parents!

Happy Wednesday! (PS: TWO DAYS until our weekend away in Dallas without kids!)


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