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Terror… I mean, Tucker

Well, we should have named him Terror, ha! He is a little stinker! I guess Jackson and Jersey were always so small so they never tested us as much so early. But Tucker is!! We have a field beside our house with really tall grass and it is Tucker’s very favorite place to go… and of course, you can’t catch him if he’s in the field. So, needless to say, Tucker is always on a leash now. He’s a really good puppy though and is doing really well “telling” us when he needs to go potty (meaning, he runs and plows into the door several times so there is no mistaking it). He also LOVES to aggravate Jackson and Jersey, but especially Jersey because she doesn’t want to have too much to do with him. Also, we don’t let him get on the couch or bed because he might end up being 100+ pounds- the Great Pyraneese in him- so we are starting early with this rule. Unfortunately, we have a platform bed, so Tucker has always been able to get into it. So, like today, if we aren’t watching he likes to sneak into the bedroom and take a nap. I caught him today with the camera!






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1 thought on “Terror… I mean, Tucker

  1. Too cute Tiffany! I miss you! Sorry I have been bad at staying in touch… I still have no internet at my house and my cell phone works only sometimes in our valley. Did you get my txt with our new home phone number? They came and connected it today. Anyway, I am loving Tucker. A big dog is a great thing. :o) He will be a nice contrast to Jackson and Jersey (who are great, too). ~Kristen

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