Married Mondays, my heart

ten beautiful years.

Fourteen moves: eleven apartments and houses, seven cities, and four states.

5 wonderful, spontaneous, and adventurous years before children; 5 beautiful, sleep-deprived, and joyful years after children.

Years of little, years of a lot.

Years with both trials and many, many blessings.

Always an abundance of laughter.

Our love still abounds and challenges and molds and compromises.


I remember when Andy and I got married and the day my mom dropped me and my final belongings off at our house in Starkville. I thought something was wrong with me because I felt so alone and frankly, scared of life without my parents.


Andy and I were so young when we got married and we had no idea how to act once we were living under the same roof.

We got into a groove and really a lot of the time it seemed like a really long sleepover. It was fun and new and strange sometimes.


We had a lot of fun years living here and there and everywhere while in school and for Andy’s internship.

We even lived in an RV for six months on the MS Gulf Coast right after Katrina. And we loved it.

After Andy graduated he got an awesome job and we moved to Louisiana. We went on weekend trips all the time, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.




Then we were transferred to Texas and had a baby and our life bloomed into something totally different but absolutely wonderful.




And then fifteen months after our first baby, the second one came. Life was so crazy, sometimes I felt like I was drowning. Between the sleepless nights with Rory and the (literal) heartache of Ryder’s sickness.




A few years later, we got the opportunity to move closer to home in Tennessee and have so enjoyed having family close by.


We have just been through pretty much everything together. We have grown up together. Matured together.

We have been through deaths of friends and family together.

So, so, so, so many sleepless nights.

A critically sick child.

We have been terrible to each other at times, and we have nourished each other at times. We have fought and made up too many times to even try to count. We have seen each other at our very ugliest and most selfish. We have most definitely seen the good, bad, and the ugly in each other.

Oh how these ten years have been full of both heartache and complete joy.


The thing I have always “bucked up” and reminded myself of, even when one of us is being selfish or petty or a complete butt, is that my marriage is everything to me.

My marriage is always, always worth fighting for.

At the end of the day, I’m always wanting to get in the bed with him (even if he snores!). I always want to go on date nights and trips and spend time alone.

I’m determined to not let the sleepless nights (which is one of the hardest things we have been through because it affects both of us mentally, physically, and emotionally) and trials that arise in our lives kill our relationship.

It is such hard work, especially when you are desperately tired.

But it is so worth it.

Andy is my lifeline. He is my helper, my friend, my lover (look away mom!), my leader. I need him, and I do believe he needs me just as much.

We work well together, we are such a good team.

We make each other laugh every single day.

Andy gives me so much joy and so much security.

I honestly can’t believe God blessed me with him. That He chose Andy for me.

It has been ten truly beautiful years.


Andy- thank you for loving me. Thank you for never giving up on me, even after seeing me at my worst. I am so proud of you and can’t find the words to say how incredibly thankful I am for you. You are the best gift God has ever given me. I promise that I will always fight for you and for us. I love you more than words can say. Happy Ten Years, babe- and here’s to 70 more to come. 

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