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Well, we are officially moved into our new home!

I’m so glad we lived in the neighborhood and house that we did for the past 8 months because it has made me appreciate this house SO MUCH more.

Honestly, this is the first house of ours that I feel is a “grown up” house. Does that make sense? I’m decorating exactly the way I want (within a budget, of course) and am having such a fun time with it. I still have a long way to go, but I think the rooms are coming along nicely. My favorite part is that every room has pieces that have such meaning and sentimental value to me. I love getting to incorporate these pieces and getting surges of memories when I see them. I love that they tell old stories in a new home.

Today I will show you a few rooms that are somewhat finished. Before you see the pictures, though, I want to remind you that I am no photographer, so these pictures are a bit lack-luster. So forgive me.

Rory’s room – I’m about to redo Rory’s dresser and nightstand, so when I get to that I will show you better pictures. She has some shelves that I didn’t get a picture of (and my camera battery is dead) that have a lot of sweet handmade gifts on them that I got when she was born and also a super sweet picture of the girls with their playdate group in Texas. The initials above her bed are from my high school friend, Jodi and they go perfectly in the room.


Ryder’s room- This room will eventually be painted. Her room is the least “done” because I have a lot of things I’m going to put up in her room that are sentimental too. The “R” hanging over her bed is from my dear friend in Paris, Caroline. It is so special because Caroline was my ROCK during Ryder’s first six months. She was, and still is!, my sanity saver in crisis moments! ha!



Rory and Ryder’s bathroom- Rory picked out the shower curtain and towel colors herself! And man was she so proud!  I will paint this room too… eventually.


Playroom- I decorated this room with pictures we bought when we were first married. And also, I included the pictures of Andy and I surfing in Maui! ha! I LOVE this room because it is the only room upstairs and I can close it off and forget about all the toys if I need to. It is a really nice size and has a full bath which is REALLY helpful with the whole potty with the toddler thing. And best of all, it has a large closet that I am using as a toy closet to try and keep things more under control with the toy situation and the teaching toddlers to clean situation.





Proof that the toy closet was organized at one point in time.

playroom collage


Dining Room- I LOVE having a dining room again. We didn’t even have a table in the last house because there wasn’t room for one. In this house I have a dining room and a breakfast nook. Heaven! My table in the dining room is the table I grew up eating on. I am about to re-do the table (my first of about 10 furniture projects, ha!) and I can’t wait. I will definitely show you more of this room when it is done!



Entry/Hall – You can’t tell from the first picture, but the decor above the door is a key as well. I bought the one above the door for our first home we ever bought way back in Louisiana. Seems like a lifetime ago. The big hanging key I bought the same week we found out we were for sure getting this house. I love both of these key decorations and I LOVE my front door.


This bookshelf is one of the first things you see when you walk in our house. It is at the end of the entry hall and I am loving how it is coming together. One of my best friends in the entire world, Cassidy, made this piece for me right before I left Texas. I love how it is a piece that you can’t miss when you come into our home. The camera is the first “real” camera (not disposable) that I used when I was younger (it was my parents I believe) and realized you can actually take good pictures. One day I will learn to take great pictures with my current camera, ha! The birdcage and coke tin came from a local “junk” store. I’m not into fleur de lis, but I love this one because it reminds me of our years in Louisiana.


And finally, the living room. This is, so far and probably will remain, my very favorite room in the house. It is so bright and airy and yet so cozy. I started with my obsession over getting a grey couch. From there all the pieces fell into place perfectly. I still need to add throw pillows for more color and the hutch behind the chair is another piece I am re-doing very soon.


living room

Shelving in the entertainment center- there are a lot of things I purchased just for looks, but a few things are special. The picture frame in the top right (that I have to put one of OUR pictures in) is a gift from a new friend here in town and I LOVE it. The jar of buttons on the bottom left aren’t my grandmothers, but they remind me so much of her. At $1.50, I knew I had to have it. The frame on the lower right cabinet is actually from my grandmother’s funeral. Sounds morbid, but I love it. I love that scripture and it has helped to see it in a frame more times than I can count. There is a picture of my two amazing friends, Kayla and Misty, that I love seeing every day. And I put Rory’s first year blog book in there too so I can easily pull it out. I need to make Ryder’s so bad!


This piece is my favorite piece in the house. My dad made this shelf (my “end table” of sorts) for me for Christmas. It is made out of wood from my grandparents’ house that recently had to be torn down. What a precious gift it is. I love seeing it and thinking of them and all the many, many wonderful memories from their home. Some of my most favorite memories of my childhood came from that home and I’m glad part of it is in my own home now. I am working on getting some decorative things to put on it, but haven’t found the right pieces yet.


Ok, that is all for now. I am still working on perfecting the master bedroom, kitchen, laundry, and breakfast nook. I will post those rooms very soon! Hope you enjoyed the little tour of most of our new house and for listening/reading the stories behind the decor. What stories does your home tell?

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