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technical difficulties.

Well the ol’ blog and computer have both been conspiring against me this week.

I started the same blog FOUR times and the computer crashed and deleted them. Then my blog was down for almost two days. Sigh.

So I’m doing this from my phone and I’m sure there will be lots of typos.

Anyways! We have had a great week and I will tell you more about it soon. The girls have been in great moods and I have enjoyed them so much.

Today I started potty training and it has gone much better than expected. I had planned to stay home the entire weekend and go hardcore with it, but our friends found some tickets to the Mississippi State/Auburn game so we obviously have to go to that! We are so excited to spend time with our friends and get to see old friends from Starkville.

Ok… that’s enough rambling. Just wanted to let you know why I’ve been taking a little hiatus. But take heart, friends! My new computer shall arrive very soon and then you won’t be able to get me to shut up!

Have a great weekend!

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