Pictures, Rory Eve


I got some sweet smiley pictures today and I couldn’t help but share. Andy and I say to eachother several times every single day, “she is just the sweetest thing ever”. And its true. She really is just so sweet. When we joined the church on Sunday and had to stand and shake hands with everyone, she smiled at every single person who came through the line. Not just a little smile either- she gave everyone her biggest and best smile. Made me so proud 🙂

So for everyone that lives far away and doesn’t get to experience the sweetness every day, here is a glimpse of her biggest and best smile. And this is exactly why I write this blog- to share with the people we love all the special moments we’re having with our little Rory.

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4 thoughts on “sweetness

  1. She is sweet and I am so glad that you share your life and family with me through your blog. Just wish we lived closer so we could all hang out like we use to. I miss you so much. Love ya lots.

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