Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve


This week has been so busy and eventful, I can’t believe its only Wednesday.

Don’t you hate it when you are really looking forward to something the week always seems to DRAGGGGG on and on and on?!

Well that is my life right now and it seems worse because I’m impatiently waiting on two events.

Friday we are making the trek to AR/TN. Andy’s little brother is graduating high school so he and Rory are going to TN to see him graduate and spend some time with Andy’s family. I, on the other hand, am taking the opportunity to go love on my new nephew (and Landon!) without having to chase Rory around. I can’t wait! The hardest part of living away is that when big things happen like my sister having a baby, I have to wait a while before I get to go visit. Its going to be well worth the wait though!

In other news, after three days of extreme heat in our house due to the air not working AGAIN, we now have air! And please let it be for good! Its a brand new unit so I’m not sure why it stopped working and I’m not sure why men who come to work on it think that they can talk to me like I’m the biggest idiot on earth. But whatever.


The Stinker.

Update: She’s still a stinker.

Her new favorite thing to do is to come destroy our newly cleaned/organized/redone office.

She takes all of the books/DVDs off the shelves and throws them about the room.

Its lovely.

She likes to act like she’s helping.

But I know the truth.

And lets discuss her clothes for a minute.

I bought all her summer clothes on sale in the fall and some last summer. I assumed she’d be in 18 month clothes (and actually was worried that they’d be too small after I bought them).


The heifer hasn’t gained a stinking pound in months. She’s gotten taller and therefore, skinnier. So NONE of her summer clothes fit her well. The outfit above for example… its supposed to be tight “jeggings” for pants and yet I have to roll them up about 4 times to get them to stay on. The shirt is a 12 month shirt.

She is currently wearing a 6-9 month tshirt and pants and they are not tight in the slightest.

So. She may shorta look cute this summer, but she also may look a little gangster with her sagging pants.


Have a fantastic day.

My day will be filled with waiting by the phone, paperwork, and a meeting.

“Why?”, you ask.

To be continued….


I am so mean.



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2 thoughts on “suspense

  1. Boo for clothes not fitting! I bought ahead 1 time for Will and had to stop because he is so skinny too. He wore his 6-12 month shorts for 2 summers, ridiculous.

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