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Well, my friends, we survived our first day of Mother’s Day Out! And I have proof!

Where does she get that devilish grin from!?! I think from her Papa!

(Please do not judge me by the way I look. I have been up since 4am and it was a very busy day. Yes, I said 4am. Rory apparently thought it was play time.)

Rory had a pretty good day today. Their only complaint was that she didn’t take a nap.

Great. My kid is one of those kids who decides she won’t nap at school.

But she was much happier than last Thursday. This is what she looked like when I picked her up last week:

Swollen eyes, red face… bless her heart, it was so awful.

Today she looks like this:

Belly laughing. Is there anything better?

Random, but this is my bulletin board that I made for my class. I took this picture with my phone so its not great but you can at least see it. (Obviously I put up the names for all the kids, but of course don’t want to post their names on the blog.)

Okay! One more thing!

Rory “pulled up” for the first time on Monday.

She rolled herself over to the toy basket in the living room and then pulled up on it to reach in. And again, I have proof!

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5 thoughts on “survivors

  1. Way to go Rory…getting to be such a big girl. So glad that school went better this week than last. She will get adjusted, it will just take a couple days. I hope you are enjoying teaching those little runts.

  2. My goodness, she is going to be walking before I see her again!!!!!! The pictures are so cute. You did a great job on your bulletin board.

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