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I just wanted to post a short update for those praying for us. I will tell more later, but right now we are beyond exhausted and need rest.

Ryder was taken back around 6:30 this morning and the surgery was over around 11. They repaired 3 holes and her valve. Everything went so smoothly and we are beyond relieved. She was taken to the Cardiac ICU and is getting excellent care. She is hooked up to so many monitors and has wires and tubes coming out from everywhere. It is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to see and go through.

Once she got into the Cardiac ICU they had a difficult time managing her pain, and that was so hard to see. Touching her makes it worse and of course we can’t hold her yet… so basically it is just torture.

She is stable and doing very well. They have gotten the pain under control. We are so thankful for God’s healing on her and can’t wait to see her thrive.

The hardest day is finally over. We will wake up to a new day and from here on out it will get better and better.

And once again, I can’t stop saying it!- thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for us. Andy and I both had a wonderful peace today as we waited. You are all so special to us and so appreciated.

More of her surgery story to come…

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12 thoughts on “surgery update

  1. I just wanted you to know I have been praying for all of you since I saw on facebook that your sweet baby was having surgery today. I’m so glad her surgery is over, and she is on the road to recovery. I will continue to pray for the doctors/nurses who care for her and for peace and guidance for you as you go through this healing time with her. Our Great Physician is with you and your precious little girl…may you be comforted by that promise!

  2. wow. I am crying as I read your blog…we are pretty much in the identical boat and I had very similar thoughts as you. My 7 week daughter Ruby is having her surgery next Thursday -but we traveled the same path of getting her to eat and slowly realizing she was not getting any better. The struggle of weight gain, the NG tube…

    Glad to hear surgery went well and we look forward to seeing sweet Ryder thriving!

  3. I will never forget looking at Noah on the vent with all the tubes and wires. I am loud and they told me that I couldn’t talk because when I did his heart rate would accelerate and all the alarm bells would start chiming. I am thankful that Ryder’s surgery was successful. Praying that she can rest and heal. I am praying that you get to rest too. I know you stand by her bedside and so little else yet feel so exhausted. We are praying for your family and thanking God now for this healing of her heart. I follow the blog of Matt Hammit from the Christian group, Santius Real. His son Bowen was born just over a year ago with a heart defect. They keep a blog and on there he has a quote from his mom, “Who would’ve thought that one broken heart could help make so many whole.” I think the same thing could be said for sweet Ryder.

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