Holidays, Rory Eve

sugar high

So far our Christmas break has consisted of A LOT of cleaning house and laundry catch up.

Thank goodness I’ve hired some help…

We’ve also been watching Ryder do all kinds of new things.

Like sit up better! And man she loves this new skill!

Yes, she does always have her tongue sticking out. Its so stinkin’ cute!

She also started saying “dada” very clearly this week. And now she says it ALL THE TIME. Meaning, all day long and all night long. Little precious.

The girls had their first ever tea party.

They are absolutely precious.

Today my sweet friend from church, Angela, had us over for a Christmas cookie decorating party. We had such a blast!

Of course, managing both crazy kids of mine tends to be quite stressful, but Rory still did great decorating her cookies. She absolutely loved it!

She was obsessed with the sprinkles.

And with licking the icing…

Angela and Hannah

Julie and Grady

Roxanne and Samuel

Sherry, Jaxon, and Spencer

And yes, I got some pictures of me and the girls! Shocking!

and then the inevitable happened… Rory figured out to take the top off some green sprinkles and dumped the ENTIRE bottle onto her cookie. Boy was she excited, though!

Sugar high.

Here are her cookies… I’m so proud of my big girl!

Thank you, Karley, for taking these pictures for me!


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