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story of our week

Monday: Lots of crying, blow out diapers, crying, migraine, crying.

Tuesday: Woke up happy and was decent.

Wednesday: Screaming, blow out diapers, screaming. Then… where’s our water? Why is it not working? Why is there a notice on my door saying they are shutting off the water due to lack of payment? Dangit. No water until Thursday morning. LOTS of screaming by all.

Thursday: Pay the bill and feel like an idiot/one of those people for forgetting, go to work, hear baby crying/screaming/etc in her room, feel like the worst parent in the world, get room set up, feel like worst parent in the world, snuggle the baby for hours, feel like worst parent in the world, bed.


So for everyone’s pleasure after this week from…. well you get it, I will post some cute pictures with some cute captions and call it a day.


Dear Lord, Please let next week be better than this one.

I am soooo tired of teething!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All that crying wears me out.

Hmm… what should I do today?

I think I’ll get into some trouble…

Maybe she won’t be able to see me…

Me Chinese, me play joke, me put peepee in your coke.

Could they look anymore alike?!

We’re trying to have a conversation here!

O.M.Geeeee. Stop with the pictures, already!

Dear Lord, please let the weekend get here quick so I can spend unlimited play time with Daddy.


Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “story of our week

  1. Ha ha about the little praying hands! Maybe you starting work the same week she is teething is what’s wrong with the poor thing. Don’t feel like a bad mom-I know easier said than done…and I feel that way all the time!

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