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stinker update

Stinker Update:

She’s ALWAYS a stinker.

I will prove my point in the following pictures.

Do not let that little smirk fool you. Immediately after picture she walked straight over to fireplace and tried to climb it.

This is her “but I’m so innocent” face. Yeah. Right.

Why is this a stinker picture?- you ask. Well because she’s saying “eyyyyyyyyy Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and then started yelling. She did this after I put the pigtails in. So she was calling her Daddyyyyy to tell on me.


Now that face just looks stinker-ish to me.

And surely this picture needs no explanation…


But she’s the cutest stinker I know.

And she looked uber-cute in pigtails.

Even if she did yell for 15 minutes after I finished putting them in because she was so unhappy with the whole ordeal.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “stinker update

  1. Well you can call her stinker, but she is the sweetest little stinter there ever was!!!! And I love it that she is a stinker to you, she was an angel for me!!

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