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stinker update and a GIVEAWAY!

So last night was interesting.

Actually let me go back a couple of weeks. Rory and I ran into the Krogers to get a couple of snacks for her and some juice. I was looking at the fruit snacks and turn around to find little miss Rory naked as a jaybird! Like NO CLOTHES on aisle 5. It was embarrassing. And it happened in like two seconds… I still don’t know how/why.

Back to last night. We went to Tamales (which by the way is the only place to take two under two because it is so loud and no one can hear your kid screaming and gnashing her teeth because of the fact she has to sit). Well we were just eatin’ our dinner and Rory was chowing on some guacamole and talking in her usual manner…. then all of a sudden guacamole is off the fork and on the lady behind us. Oh dear.

So that was fun. I’m just glad it wasn’t a bratty move and that she didn’t mean to. (Or maybe it was and just covered up REALLY well…???)

Then we went to the Home Depots for some supplies for Andy’s new trailer for his new four-wheeler.

Low and behold we are standing in the check out line when all of a sudden I hear the cashier say, “honey, your girl has done lost her britches”. And I’ll be darn if Rory wasn’t diaper-less and bending over to moon the whole store. We probably won’t be welcomed back anytime soon. She also had her squeaky boots on and I’m pretty sure people were annoyed.

So there you have it. Stinker Update- Rory just wants to be nekkid.

And now for an awesome GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

My friend Amanda, from both Starkville and Alexandria, has started a embroidery and sewing business called Stitched. She asked me this week if I’d want to do a giveaway and of course I did! I love everything she makes!

Amanda taught school for five years, but last spring decided to stay home with kiddos. She bought an embroidery machine and began “Stitched.” Amanda does custom embroidery, monogramming, and applique. She’s done lots of birthday shirts, school shirts, and holiday shirts. She loves to take other people’s ideas and create a custom look!

(And let me just add that her and her husband Clint took a huge leap of faith and decided to be foster parents this past year. They already have two kids Jack and Sydney Kay who are PRECIOUS. By supporting her home business you make it easier for them to follow their calling as foster parents! Her goal is to have 80 orders for Christmas and I would LOVE if we could help her get even more!)

So who wants to win a custom Christmas shirt FOR FREE?!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE ARE THE RULES: Comment on this blog post and GO TO STITCHED. ON FACEBOOK BY CLICKING HERE and LIKE HER PAGE. That will automatically enter you to win a custom shirt!

FOR A SECOND CHANCE TO WIN, comment on the picture of your favorite shirt on Amanda’s page (Stitched.) and that will give you another entry to win! (You may comment on multiple shirts but only one comment will count as a second entry.)

Okay do you get it?! Any questions please ask. The giveaway will last through next Friday at 5:00 PM CST. I will choose a winner by a random number generator and announce the winner either Friday night or Saturday morning (have you read about my life lately? I can’t promise anything more than broad time frames, ha!).


Okay I realize this post is too long already but hello! Stinker Update #2!

This is what happens when Momma blogs:

Oh dear. I must go love on poor Jackson now. I heard her say “I color” but didn’t realize that meant the dog and herself with a sharpie.

Have a great weekend!

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18 thoughts on “stinker update and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Thanks for the links to her store, Tiffany. I love cute, fun shirts even though my kids probably won’t wear them. My niece definitely will! It’s always nice to support a mom.

  2. So fun! I LOVE Amanda’s shirts. We just got Collette a Turkey shirt from her for Thanksgiving and it is soooooo cute! Can’t wait to have her wear it! 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  3. I would say that maybe Rory wants to be rid of the diaper – maybe she’s ready for potty training. Some kids just don’t like the feeling when they wet. But maybe, she just likes the feeling of being free and easy and naked. This may give you a little trouble, lol. Bless her little heart!!!

  4. Even though my baby won’t be able to wear it for about six more months, I would love a cute little onesie! And I love that Rory!

  5. Those shirts are TOO cute!

    Rory cracks me up! Once upon a time I babysat for a little 2-yr-old boy who liked taking off all his clothes and his diaper in the middle of the night. It made for lights of messes.

  6. I am Clint’s grandmother’s backyard (HaHa) neighbor and would love to win a shirt for my great nephew who lives in Nottingham, England.

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