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stanky breath

Last week Rory had her adenoids taken out and her ear tubes redone. This is my 4th time sending a child off to surgery and let me tell y’all something- IT ISN’T FUN.

Rory did great though. First they gave her a “sleepy” medicine to help sedate her before putting her IV in.

Girlfriend has my tendencies to medicine. She was winking at the anesthesiologist and grabbing the air trying to catch “flutter flies”. Andy and I were so tickled watching her get silly. Gloria the Hippo (Rory’s BFF) and her new Monkey named GooGoo during the silly meds had to go to surgery with her. I loved knowing that she would wake up with her Gloria next to her since Gloria doesn’t ever leave her side.


She did so great during surgery and was sweet as pie for a good hour or so afterwards…

showing off her “magic tube” which later was deemed a snake bite…


she also absolutely COULD NOT walk and had to have a “sling” for her arm


and then suddenly she turned into pretty much the grumpiest kid on the planet.

Now, I know- I KNOW- she just had surgery so of course she will be grumpy…

but y’all don’t even understand. She took it to ANOTHER LEVEL.

I’d like to say the grumpiness ended that day but SWEET MERCY NO.

Also. I’d really like to hit the doctor in the face for telling me that she would sleep better because I’ve had NO SLEEP this week.

I’m still hopeful.

Probably because I’m an idiot.

She’s finally started to feel like herself again and things are starting to get back to normal.

Still zero sleep, but again…

I’m hopeful because I’m an idiot.

One thing I didn’t have any way to prepare for was the breath.

Lord help me, THE BREATH.

Poor Rory is totally going to have to have extra therapy from the gags and sour faces I make when she asks for a big ol’ kiss…


I heard from some sweet friends how bad it was and so I thought I was prepared.


Not prepared.

I was driving this weekend with the girls in the car and they were whistling (don’t get me started on how much I love their ability to whistle at ages 2 and 3…) and I kept smelling this nasty smell and I thought there was poop somewhere in the car.

Then I realized it was Rory’s breath.


I had to roll down the windows.

I just gagged again thinking about it.

So here is a poem (actually its a song) I’d like to dedicate to help describe Rory’s breath right now…

Yo’ breath be kickin’,

Like rotten chicken.

The end.

She keeps randomly saying, “Momma! Something stinks!” and it takes everything in me to not say, “Honey, that’s your upper lip.” like we used to in middle school.

Bless her heart.

So between the stanky breath and gags I’ve also had some fun with friends lately.

The fact that I have friends is shocking, I know.



My friends Christy and Abby had birthdays the past two weeks and we celebrated both.

Now let me tell y’all something.

Getting these heifers to take a picture comes with a lot of groaning.

(*ahem* Julianne *ahem*)

But I make them do it anyway so I can have proof that I have a friends.

No they weren’t hired.

First was Christy’s birthday. Great quality photo right there, folks.


Then this week we celebrated Abby’s 30th birthday. Now Friday night we were supposed to have a surprise party for her but that was a big ol’ fail and she ended up finding out Friday afternoon. I blame her husband, Josh, just FYI. I mean… someone has to be blamed right?!

After the party we went Glow Bowling and y’all- it was THE MOST FUN.



While we were there I thought I’d bless my friend with a little pregnancy photo shoot. Isn’t that precious of me?!


You’re welcome, Julianne.

It wouldn’t be a night out with Tiffany if there weren’t craziness happening around us.


The lane I was on kept breaking down and obviously it was all my fault.

You would also love to know that though we are “mature adults” we still giggled every.single.time the word “ball” was said. Our husbands would have been so proud.

Next time we go bowling I promise to bless everyone with the gift of Andy. I mean seriously, THAT IS A GIFT.

Have a great week, y’all! Can’t wait to enjoy this fantastic weather!


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  1. Yes, I laughed out too….and I also remembered your wisdom teeth surgery…not bc of the breath but bc of how your face transformed like the dude on pue luck when he had an allergic reaction…haha too bad there are no pics

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