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Spring Fever

Today was such a beautiful day here! The weather was absolutely perfect, so me and the puppies played outside all afternoon. Here are some pictures of the puppies playing :

Tucker started off with the stick


Jackson laying, Tucker sitting- waiting for me to throw stick


action shot of the pups running with the stick


Jackson is such a good boy and brought it back!


then Tucker attacks and says “no, mine!”


Tucker LOVES this tall patch of grass in our backyard- he is playing peek-a-boo


so happy to be outside!


big guy loves the sun


he is a vegetarian now…


This is about as close as Jersey will get to him when he is awake, ha!


Jersey just does her own thing while Jackson and Tucker wrestle with the stick.


and we come inside and he is so tired and lazy that he just plops down to drink some water


It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture while holding their treats and the camera of them all sitting like they are supposed to- at least I caught one of them sitting! Tucker is really good at this!


I took Tucker to the vet today- he weighs 29 pounds at 10 weeks old. What a big boy!!!!!!! The vet said that he was actually a great mix and that he will be a great dog. He also said he will probably be at least 80 lbs.- ha!! He was soooo good at the vet. When I take Jackson and Jersey they are all over the place and hyper. Tucker slept through the whole thing. He also loved riding in the car!

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