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spider monkey

Rory forgot to tell you on Saturday in her 4 month old post, that she has a new favorite way to sit.

hence the fact we now call her “spider monkey”

On my birthday I got an email from the Magnolia Hotel saying that they would upgrade us to a suite with the booking of a regular room. So we decided to go to Dallas for a night! The hotel was beyond amazing!

When you walked in the door- there was an entry way and then you looked into the kitchen and bath.

to the left was the bedroom

and to the right was the living room/dining room

It was perfect because we set up Rory’s pack-n-play in the living room so she didn’t have to sleep in the room with us!

AND SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. I’m telling you. The weekends are her favorite too. She always sleeps all night on the weekends.


BUT! She never sleeps during the week. That is until last night! She slept for me- for ME! She normally wakes up on “my nights” and not on “Andy’s nights”. Last night my dear sweet baby decided she loved me once again. Ha!

Poor thing has to sleep in the hallway because her room is way too hot.

Dear AC people/Home Warranty People,

I need my air back. NEED! Its too humid and hot in TX to go this long without air conditioning.

Do I need to call your wives and explain to them that you are making my baby girl hot all the time and she can’t even sleep in her own bedroom??? Because I will!

So back to Dallas.

On Friday we went to a Vigilantes game (arena football).

getting ready to go to the game

It was fun! Rory loved it! She watched the whole time!

look at that funny face… I think she’s going to be a comedian

stinker rode public transportation for the first time- the Dart

she was obviously thrilled

on Saturday we went shopping! all day!

and I do mean ALL DAY!

When we got back to Paris we started painting immediately and are DONE with that. Now we have to put up the wall paper (explanation to come) and the chair rail. So we should be FINALLY done w/ the master bath redo this week so look out for “the big reveal”!

Have a great week!

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