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spaghetti and baths

This week I gave Ryder spaghetti for the first time.

To say she loved it would be an understatement of epic proportions.

She couldn’t get it in her mouth fast enough! She ended up eating every single bite and I gave her a lot thinking some of it would be thrown away. It was hilarious to watch her scarfing it down! She’s gotten so good about eating when it comes to real food. Bottles are still a struggle, but what’s new?!

After the spaghetti mess I threw both girls in the tub and gave them a big bubble bath. I tried and tried… and failed and failed to get their picture together. Again, what’s new?

But both girls absolutely loves baths and especially bubble baths so it was a lot of fun!

And as if Rory didn’t look enough like Andy as it is… check her out with a goatee!

I swear they are twins.

Ryder loves the bath too. She’s such a stinker though. She will face dive into the water and thinks its hilarious. She also LOVES to splash Rory and I right in the face.

Don’t let that innocent face fool ya!

She really is a little stinker, just like her big sister! 🙂

How impressive is her scar… or actually, lack of scar?! Isn’t it amazing how faded it is already? Part of me is sad because that’s our battle wound and such a sweet reminder that we WON the battle. But my heart is scarred with it too, so it’ll never leave even after hers fades completely.

Unfortunately, and you can kind of tell from those pictures, Ryder isn’t feeling so hot today. I’m betting my money that she has an ear infection.

And an even bigger bummer is that the ONLY doctor that can see us is the doctor we switched from. So I’m all kinds of nervous about the appointment and trying to figure out what in the world I’m supposed to say when confronted about the whole thing.

I hate confrontation. I was hoping I’d never see the man again for as long as I live! ha! And there’s no chance of him not remembering me because we were up there every single day it seemed like for MONTHS. Plus, hello, how many girl Ryders are there who’ve had heart surgery?! Dear goodness. I’m hoping to just be able to explain in a nice way that he just wasn’t aggressive enough for us and be able to have a nice visit. I LOOOOOVE his nurses so much and have missed them. Seriously, I was up there practically every day so I felt like they were family and that was the hardest part of my decision to move doctors.

We have such a huge weekend planned so I have no choice but to see him so I gotta suck it up and be a grown up I guess. ha!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “spaghetti and baths

  1. I seriously cannot get over our kiddos scars. IT blows my mind really that the mark of what they went through can fade so fast! I feel like my own heart is more wounded and scarred for the whole thing!! I hope everything goes well with the doctor!

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