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sometimes things are weird in Tiffany world.

Today marks day two of detoxing the children from a week in West TN with family. It has been so fun and not stressful at all around our house.

On opposite day.


Yesterday Rory literally said to me, “Well I will just call my grandparents and one of them will come let me live with them.”

So precious.


Therefore she got no TV and no scooter time.

Which BY THE WAY is probably more of a punishment for me than it is anyone else. I love their two shows per day. It sometimes gets me through the day with my sanity still in tact. I mean, don’t you dare tell my children this, but about once a month I take a 15 minute power nap while they watch their shows. SHOCKING.

Speaking of SHOCKING…

After 5 years of buying diapers and pretty much two years straight of potty training the children (because my lovelies aren’t the easiest to potty train and take forever) we can finally announce that WE ARE DONE WITH DIAPERS.


I was so worried since we would be out of town and going here to there last week that Ryder would regress and we would have to start all over again.

But I was determined. After one or two accidents she got the hang of going anywhere and everywhere. Which just goes to show that when forced to either crap your pants and get in trouble or bite the bullet and go in the potty, biting the bullet is much easier.

The funny thing about Ryder that is way different than Rory is that she will go in the bathroom and do her thing and you never ever know. She is quiet about it and wants complete privacy.

Rory, on the other hand, DOES NOT KNOW WHAT PRIVACY MEANS. She tells you details of every bathroom visit and will walk in on you no less than 27 times if you are trying to go.

She also has a weird problem called “I REFUSE TO LEARN TO FLUSH THE TOILET”.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into the bathroom to discover a load floating in there. And sadly, not just at my house.

Everywhere we go Rory likes to leave a little present behind. I have had to take up the habit of checking the bathroom everywhere to make sure no one else finds it. She could care less where it is either. When we came to check out the apartments and went into the model apartment Rory pooped so large it took up the entire toilet. And she just left it. Thank the Lord I went in there and couldn’t miss the smell. That would’ve been terrible if someone else would have found it.

Children are weird.

And speaking of weird…. (man, I’m good at the transitions today)

I’ve had my fair share of weird over the past 29 years of my life, but yesterday was one of those days where I thought- SERIOUSLY? I can’t even understand.

I took Rory to school and kept hearing this strange noise. But I have a 3 year old and a 4 year old so strange noises are frequent in the car.

I take Rory all the way to school, go to Target, and come home. When I get home and open the door to get Ryder out of the car a large orange cat jumps out like, “what? I’ve been here all day.”

And I just stared in wonder and then went along my day because, sadly, this crap is just normal.

Except then last night we went to dinner and on the way home I got out to get the mail and up from the back of the van comes the cat again trying to get out of my car.

AM I BEING PUNK’D?! Because once was strange enough but twice in one day having a large orange cat escaping my car is JUST TOO MUCH.

Where did this cat come from?! I’ve never seen a cat. Did we bring it home from West TN? I AM SO CONFUSED.

Well. That’s all the poop and weird cat stories I can muster up for one day.

I mean. I’d hate to use them all up today because I know you all so look forward to poop talk on the blog every time you click the link.


Happy Tuesday!



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