so long 2012, bring it on ’13!

Well, another year is coming to an end and I’m realizing more and more that it is true what they say- the older you get the faster time flies. And this year FLEW.

It has been such a fun, crazy year. So much has happened and most seems like a blur.

The year started with a lot of frustration, sadness, panic, and sheer chaos because of Ryder’s stomach issues. I didn’t blog about it besides just mentioning eating troubles, but y’all- there were weeks (WEEKS) that Ryder screamed about 12-18 hours a day. She was in so much pain and no one would listen to me and it was just awful. Andy and I will talk about it now and just say, “can you believe we survived all that?!”. It was so miserable for everyone, especially her.

Once that cleared up, Ryder actually started really sleeping and really thriving.

But then came the sheer torture that will be forever known as the 6 months I didn’t sleep more than an hour a night. Rory went through a major phase (I don’t even know what to call it- phase seems like an understatement) where she would be up literally ALL NIGHT LONG. The days were so long, but the nights were even longer. I honestly don’t know how we did that. Things still aren’t great on that front, but they are a bit better than that time. I literally almost went crazy. Ask all my Texas friends… I was a total weepy, crazy, zombie mess of a human.

But during all of that I also had the time of my life with my friends in Texas. I got really involved in church and also with a group of girlfriends. I loved all the projects I was constantly involved with and loved the semi-busyness of life.

In May we took a trip to Vegas and it was SO MUCH FUN. Andy and I really got to reconnect and enjoy so much time together.

That trip turned out to be life changing for us. Andy got a call to come interview with the paper mill in Counce, TN and we decided to see where it lead.

This was one of the hardest decisions of our lives. We knew with everything in us that if he took the interview we would be moving. We LOVED Paris. But we have always longed to be closer to family, so we knew it was our time. After Vegas, we came to TN and got the job offer a day after his interview. Andy signed the papers and accepted the job.

That week was one of the hardest weeks. I was so torn between being so extremely excited and so proud of Andy to being so extremely sad and heartbroken that we would have to move. When I say I had good friends in Paris, y’all just don’t even know. These people were my FAMILY. They were my rocks during Ryder’s sickness. God sent them to me to be His hands to help me survive. I wouldn’t have been able to go through the surgery, stomach issues, and sleepless nights without them.

We celebrated Ryder’s first birthday and then we moved a few days later. It was so bittersweet.

When we initially moved to TN, the girls and I lived with my parents for 5 weeks until our rental was ready. It was so fun and so hard all at the same time. I’m so thankful they put up with us for that long!

Since being in Savannah, I went through some struggles of being lonely and depressed. And just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever make friends or ever find a church, God started putting people in my path.

I’m happy to report that over the past few months I’ve really started to make some friends in Savannah. We have found a church we really like and I’ve made friends with some women there. I didn’t think it’d ever happen, but it did! Now if only my kids would stop being so crazy, maybe they will let me stick around. HA! I’m so thankful God sent us here and I’m so thankful for the friends He has given me here.

I finally got Rory potty-trained this year too. That, my friends, was a HUGE accomplishment. Like, I didn’t know it’d be such a life goal until it was over. Ha!

Andy’s work has been INSANE and we have been in a fog because of it, but we went on our cruise and it was wonderful being able to have that time with Andy. Since being back, things have slowed down so much, so we are thankful for that as well!

The girls are doing so well. They love each other and are best friends. Ryder is such a delight and is so easy now. Rory has really been such a delight too. She’s still strong-willed, but we are figuring out each other and making some great strides towards reigning in the negative of that and feeding it in a positive way.

Basically, it has been a CRAZY year. We’ve had some AMAZING times and some really hard times.

But life is good.

GOD is good. He’s been so good to us this year, and is so good all the time.

I’m so thankful for all the lessons 2012 taught me. I’m thankful for the tears and for all the laughter… oh how there has been laughter!

Bring it on, 2013! Hoping this is our best year yet!

I thought I’d post links to my favorite blog posts of the year. I read back through the year and some of these made me cry and some made me laugh out loud. Hope you enjoy looking back with me!

Love you all- thank you for reading the blog and being an encouragement to me!

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