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To say that I’m overwhelmed by the love and prayers we have felt the past couple of weeks would be an understatement. I’ve received emails, cards, phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, etc. encouraging me and telling me that people are praying for Ryder. I’m so moved by all of these things that I don’t even have words to express how thankful I am for them. They have helped carry me through all the doubt and bad news.

I wanted to explain what is going on with Ryder now after her procedure so that everyone can know.

We went in last week to have the balloon cath done to open Ryder’s valve. When we got to the hospital the surgeon explained that the first thing he would do was go in with a camera and take pictures and look around the heart to make sure they knew exactly what was going on. From there they would determine whether or not they could do the cath.

Unfortunately, they found that the hole between her left and right atrium was much larger than they anticipated so he was not able to open the valve. The reason they didn’t do the cath was because the valve being tight is actually helping the situation with the hole. The hole is causing so much extra blood flow through the heart and body that the tight valve is slowing down all of that to the lungs. Which is a good thing for now. The valve is continuing to close over time though, so either way something has to be done. If the hole closes up we will go back and do the balloon cath…. and if not she will undergo open heart surgery to close the hole and open the valve.

So now we have Ryder on two different medications, twice a day, to help the heart not have to work as hard and to keep fluid off of the heart so that hopefully the hole will be able to close on its own. These medications are also supposed to help Ryder eat better. She is also on a higher calorie diet (just more formula to water ratio) to help her gain weight.

The GOOD news is that she seems to be gaining weight! Finally! The days and nights are easier because even though she still has a hard time eating, its more bang for her buck with the higher calorie intake.

Its seriously my full time job now (on top of normal care for a newborn AND a sweet little toddler) to make sure her feedings go smoothly and that she is eating well. It. is. exhausting. But of course, worth it.

And Ryder seems so so so much happier. And I have proof!

Yesterday she was playing on the floor and rolled over!!! I thought it was a fluke but she  ended up doing it three times! The amazing part is that the doctor told me last week that she would probably be delayed in physical activities until the hole closes up. Well she showed them!

Please continue to pray for Ryder that God will close this hole and that she won’t have to have open heart surgery. I know He can, and I am praying for that miracle. The doctors are not hopeful that it will, but I know God can do this if its His will. And please pray that if it isn’t His will to preform this miracle that we will have an easy time understanding and be able to get through it as easy as possible emotionally (And and I) and physically (Ryder).


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  1. I just want to kiss that little face. Evidently the doctors didn’t understand that “Davis” girls are very tenacious, stubborn and very strong women! Remember God uses all kind of things to work His miracles even a surgeon’s hands. I love you!!

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