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smarty pants

A Friday list for you:

1. We have had the best week. Seriously, the best. Rory has been in such a wonderful mood and we have just had the best week together. I’m savoring every moment during the week that is spent “just us two” because in less than two months it’ll be “just us three” during the days.

2. Rory is just such a smarty pants these days.

Case in point:

Today she wanted to play in her room. So I pulled her Little People playhouse out that her Grandpa and Grandma gave her for her birthday. She pushed all the buttons and then jumped up and bolted out of the room. I quietly followed her into the living room to see what the rush was all about.

She came running back into her room just as fast with an armful of Little People dolls and furniture. She promptly put them in their places and then looked at me and smiled this proud smile like, “see! this is how it goes!”. Now this might not be a big deal to y’all, but you see… she hasn’t played with the dollhouse in about a month because its been in her room and for a while we kept her out of there because she was getting into all sorts of trouble in there. So it surprised me so much that she remembered exactly what went with it and how to play.

I took some pictures with my phone of her playing and I took a picture of how she set the playhouse up with the dolls and furniture.

Notice the guy on left. He’s on the potty. Cracked me up.

3. She has become obsessed with her play stroller and baby doll.

She pushes it around nonstop.

But she has this odd fascination with biting the baby’s nose.

This obviously concerns me because she cannot bite the real baby’s nose when she gets here.

4. Today she learned that the baby could get in trouble for her.

You see, she decided to stick her finger in an outlet. (This outlet is the only one in the house without protectors because the heifer took it out and hid it. We have yet to find it.)

So I disciplined her, of course. And no, I didn’t video it. (ha!)

She immediately goes and grabs her doll and takes it to the outlet and puts the doll’s fingers in the outlet instead. And she looks at me like, “what?! I’m not doing it!”.

And this too concerns me because she can’t go sticking the real baby’s finger in the outlets.

5. Rory has become quite loving on the baby belly. I’m not sure why, but she wants to kiss it ALL THE TIME. Its so sweet.

And yet I’m afraid she’s going to either do it to other people or that she will lift my shirt in public to kiss it.

6. Next weekend I have a doctor’s appointment in Dallas to check on little Ryder. We decided to make a little mini-vacay out of it and are going to a waterpark on Saturday.

Normally this wouldn’t excite me being so very pregnant and in a bathing suit in public…. but I am DYING to go to the beach and I think this will suffice my need.

Its only because I’m hot ALL THE TIME now. It hasn’t even been that hot this week and yet I find myself wanting to go sit in the deep freeze for a while every single day.

I don’t even want to think about what June will be like for me.


Have a great weekend!


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