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Well. I’d like to formally apologize for my post yesterday. It was a little too feisty, I think.

It is the non-sleeping thing. It is getting to me.

This morning Rory woke up at 4. And she decided she wanted the entire house to be up with her. Ryder can’t hang with that mess, so she passed out sitting straight up at Walmart this morning. Everyone was giggling because it was so cute.

On the way to school this morning Rory started asking for her most favorite song on earth.

Rory: Mommy! Mommy! I wanna sing “never eber eber getting back ‘gether”! (Taylor Swift song… I know, I know. She is obsessed with that song. And it is hilarious.)

Me: I don’t know where that CD is, I will have to find it.

Rory: (In a voice like “duh”) It’s before the E F G, Mom!

Now. I sat there for a second like…


And then I realized she meant in the alphabet.


Sorry, but I’m still giggling about this.

It’s horrifying to think that at 2 years old she is already smarter than me.

My brain cells have been seriously at a minimum since having children and I can just say that Rory absorbed them all while I was carrying her. That makes me feel better.

Today was another day at home with Ryder. She won’t be going back to school until January because of how the flu outbreak is going and the way vacation and Christmas fall.

Let me tell y’all something.

I forgot how easy it is with just one child. And Ryder is the easiest. She plays SO WELL by herself. She actually prefers it. I’ve been cracking up at her playing with her babies while Rory isn’t here. I guess she is trying to make up for not having Rory so she’s been playing with them more while she is gone.

Also, she LOVES to dress up. She’s finally able to wear the princess dress up shoes and she thinks she is something else, y’all.

It is so rare that I have Ryder by herself and I have enjoyed every second with this girl.

Yesterday I started packing for the big vacation and the girls saw their swim suits, so naturally they had to wear them.

Ryder’s scar was peaking out from the bathing suit and Rory (who has seen this scar every day for a year) said, “Mommy, why Ryder got a boo boo?” and she kept rubbing it.

I told her that she had to get her little heart fixed because she had a big hole in it.

 Rory the thinker said, “well…. her need a bandaid?”. I told her that she did (kinda) get a bandaid on it and that it was all better.

Rory thinks another second and says, “Ryder, I so glad you heart all better!” and kissed the scar.

Insert a lot of happy Momma tears. It was such a precious moment. It is easy to forget these days. Obviously, I will never forget. It is easier now to not dwell on it, which is a good thing. But sometimes I definitely need reminders to show how good our God is and all He has done for us. Because we have come SO FAR. I know I say that all the time, but man it was such a dark, hard place. Life can get hard and mundane now with Andy’s crazy work schedule and the no sleep and etc etc etc. But my children are healthy, only by the Grace of God and these little reminders help me to see the bigger picture. These moments help me step back and realize that, yes, I am oh so exhausted but also oh so blessed. Blessed even seems like an understatement, but no words would ever be able to describe my gratitude towards all that God has given me and all the Grace He has shed on my life. It is never ending and I will be thanking Him the rest of my life for healing her heart AND mine. And I will pray without ceasing that my girls’ hearts will be truly healed one day so they can be eternally thankful for His Grace as well.

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