We have had the best week. Monday was a bit stressful because Ryder was in a mood all day. But other than that, its been so great!

This week has been the first real week that the girls have some what interacted with eachother. Ryder has been cooing and smiling at Rory and Ryder thinks that is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Yesterday, we were all three outside and I just thought about how I couldn’t wait until they really really start playing together. I know they will be best friends (and sometimes worst enemies) and have so much fun together.

But I will enjoy today for now.

Let me just turn this on for you sister…

Now I can smile!

Oh sister- aren’t I funny?!

What? I’m not about to do anything…

nope, nothing at all!

Rory just shared her naked Mrs Potato Head with Ryder. Can you tell by her face that she’s so proud?!

While my parents were here, my dad fixed a table for Rory. The top is from a pie cabinet (is that right, mom?) that was my grandparents. She absolutely loves the table and sits to read, snack, and do puzzles constantly.

Jersey likes to hide underneath.

She rarely comes out to play…

because THIS face never comes after doing anything to scare her….

not this face either…

At least she and Jackson are friends.

Oh how I love days with my girls!

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