Ryder Amelia

singing His praises!

Last Wednesday when I had the big ultrasound to see whether we were having a boy or a girl was a really hard day. I knew something wasn’t right the whole time and it took two hours to do the entire ultrasound. On Thursday morning, my OB/GYN called and said that they saw something on the ultrasound that they weren’t sure about and she wanted me to see a specialist. From the ultrasound pictures it looked as though the baby’s bladder and urinary tract weren’t developing right and that there could be a cyst preventing the growth.

The appointment with the specialist was set for the next day, last Friday, but we woke up to inches upon inches of snow and there was no way we could get to the doctor. After much work they finally were able to fit me in this morning. They were calling for another terrible winter storm and I was so worried we wouldn’t make it to find out what was going on before we left for our big trip on Friday.

Needless to say, I haven’t slept or eaten well since last Thursday and have been just beside myself worrying about my sweet Ryder. Last night I finally just gave it all to the Lord and literally said out loud, “ok God, its all yours, I’m ready for whatever you want to come of this”.

That is when everything changed. This morning we woke up to get ready to go and there wasn’t snow on the ground like expected (PRAISE #1!). We made the trip without getting into too terrible of weather (PRAISE #2!) and made it there safely without having to be in the car forever (PRAISE #3!).We had no idea whether or not the office would be open until about 10 minutes before we got to the hospital and thank the Lord they were open (PRAISE #4!).

And for the “big finale”- our precious Ryder looked wonderful. The bladder and urinary tract (and every other organ for that matter) looked “beautiful”, to quote the doctor. There is a cyst on the baby, but its not necessarily uncommon and its not preventing any growth or development at this time. We are going to keep an eye on it but as of right now, they are not worried.

Today has been such a wonderful day on so many levels. We got to spend the day as a family celebrating our wonderful news. But more importantly, I have felt overwhelmed with all of the prayers of so many. After getting the news last Friday of the possibility of something wrong with Ryder, I had a Ladies Ministry meeting at church. I shared with the women there and they rushed to my side immediately and put their hands on me and just poured prayers out for Andy and I. I cannot begin to express to you how much it meant to me and how much it blessed me to know that these wonderful women were there for me and were going to pray with me and for me through all of this. I have also been so blessed by how wonderful my family and the very few other people close to me that I told. The love that I have felt this week has been overwhelming and I will never forget it. Thank you everyone for impacting our lives in such a big way.

And thank you, Jesus, for giving Ryder a testimony of love and faith even before she is born. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

Ryder's little face
ITS (still) A GIRL!
cute little foot

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