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singing His praises!: part two

On Friday Andy, Rory and I headed to Dallas again for a follow up on little Ryder. They wanted to check her cyst to make sure that it wasn’t hindering any organ growth or that it hadn’t grown significantly.

If you don’t remember what I’m talking about or hadn’t heard about Ryder’s cyst, click here, to catch up!

If the cyst HAD grown or was affecting the organs at all we were going to have to have the baby in Dallas and go much more often down there to check on the progress of everything. I was nervous about this possibility for many reasons but had a wonderful peace going into the appointment.

Can I tell you now how awesome our God is?!

The cyst was GONE. The tech and doctor both were amazed and were very joyful with me. The doctor said he wanted to see me one more time but that the baby looked beautiful.

How GREAT is our God!

Ryder is measuring at almost 28 weeks and I am 26 weeks tomorrow. No wonder I feel and look bigger this go round! ha! Everything looked perfect and we couldn’t be more relieved and excited.


We seriously had the best weekend we’ve had in a really, really, REALLY long time.

On Friday we were in Dallas. After the appointment we went to the Stonebriar Mall and Rory had another first! Her first carousel ride! And let me tell you… she LOVED it. She laughed and didn’t stop smiling the entire time. I stood there taking pictures with my phone (like all the other parents, ha) and just cried because my heart was so full of happiness.

Saturday we just stayed at home enjoying the beautiful day together. It was such a great day with nothing to do and it was much needed! Rory is getting used to her Daddy being back home and is getting lots of loving in!

We also did some things around the house. We rearranged Rory’s room and went through her 0-3 month clothes and put them in Ryder’s room.

And we started a little project for Ryder’s room! We had this gosh awful chandelier that we’ve been wanting to get rid of in our office (its meant to be a formal dining room). Andy replaced it with a new light fixture that matches the rest of the kitchen’s lights and I took the chandelier outside to paint. Its not 100% done but I will show progress pictures! I’m going to add lampshades before we put it up in Ryder’s room!



Sunday was spent at church and resting. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE our church lately?! ha! Every time we go Andy and I feel so encouraged and blessed to be apart of something so great. And there is also the fact that Rory loves it so much I can’t even say the word “church” unless we are walking out the door to go! ha! Here is her reaction when we told her we were going to church (before and after):

We have so much coming up in our church and are so excited! If you live in the Paris area and are looking for a place, come try First Baptist with us! (I’m linking up to Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Church!)

Its going to be a busy week for us, thats why I’ve done one huge blog post! Rory has her ENT appointment on Wednesday, I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and Andy has to go for a route canal on Thursday in Longview. Have a great week!

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  1. Ok….I have to say first….I love love the chandelier!
    And how awesome it that…no cyst. I am so excited and cannot wait to meet little Ryder!!!

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