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Thats all I can say to describe the last several days.

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty bad and by noon I had a fever of 102 and had spent most of the morning in the bathroom (TMI, ha!). I went to the doctor and I had some kind of stomach bug/flu. I’m not exactly sure what because I don’t really even remember going to the doctor. I was extremely dehydrated and had to convince them that I didn’t need to go to the hospital for IVs. Anyways. It was a ROUGH two days.

Well Andy took off today so that I could get totally over it before going back to work (still ran fever all day Sunday and into Sunday night) but of course- OF COURSE- I could never have an extra day to recover! ha! Poor Andy woke up sick as a dog this morning with the same stuff so off to the doctor he went. He says the doctor told him he had the rhino-virus. (??) So I took care of him, Clorox’ed the whole entire house, and took care of the baby today. It was so much fun…. or not.

Rory has fortunately not bitten the bug and we’ve been on our knees praying that she won’t get it. I literally couldn’t get myself out of bed for almost 48 hours, so I can’t imagine what it’d do to her. Say a prayer with us that she’ll stay well, please!

To all of you people who are thinking of moving far far away from your families (and you have small children) think again because it would have been so nice to send Rory somewhere (one of our parents’ houses) to get out of this sick house. Also, I kinda sorta REALLY still want my mommy when I’m sick. 🙂

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