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sick girl

About two weeks ago Rory and I both went to the doctor because we weren’t feeling well. The doctor said she had a cold and basically it’d run its course. Well it hadn’t and on Friday night she was up all night coughing and sounding so pitiful. I took her in to her doctor (so glad he was in!) on Saturday and he said she had an ear infection. So Rory officially has her first ear infection and its been no fun. Bless her little heart, she was just so pitiful all day on Saturday.

I gave her a popsicle to keep her hydrated (thanks, Mom, for the tip!) and she LOVED it.

So she’s gotten a lot of love from Mommy and Daddy this weekend!

Today is unusually cool here in Texas- it hasn’t gotten above 70. So we put Rory in one of her new fall outfits (all are 6-9 months) and she looked so cute!

She gets her dance moves from me…

Andy picked out this outfit for her when we went shopping. Its still just a little big but I’m guessing that’ll mean it will last longer and I’m okay with that!

Its been such a nice, relaxing weekend. Hopefully Rory is on the mend. She’s been so happy even though she’s been sick. I’ve used it as an excuse for us all to stay in our comfy clothes and snuggle up together.

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